Transgender doll, other toys debuted during the American International Toy Fair in New York City



…and cue collective outrage in 5…4…3…2…1



I assume theres a point to your pithy observation?


Only that the conservative right, much like the far left, seems to always take the bait of offense whenever something like this comes out.


What a shame! :frowning:


Could they get any more obsessed with it all than they already are?


I’ll just shrug and say, so what? The devil is prince of this secular, fallen world. We either belong to Christ, or to the world.



IMo, this has nothing to do with furthering any agenda, it is purely about money, the designers and manufacturers know if they call a doll ‘transgender’ it will all over the media, giving it lots of free ad time, they also know a large number of people will buy this doll simply to say they bought it (thinking they are somehow helping this agenda).

They are basically trying to profit from something sinful, which may be worse than committing the sin itself.


Oookkayyy… so then why didn’t you say “cue the collective songs of praise and joy”? Given the headline it is obvious that the media wanted to make this a huge deal as in “look how great this is”, to which I say “so what”.

So some schmucks are going to shell out 90 bucks to buy their kid a female doll while pretending it’s a male that thinks it’s female. And one has to ask why. Is there a huge market for this toy? Are kids going into toy stores and saying “mommy, where are all the dolls with long hair, dresses, and boy parts?” If this is a success it just shows how inane people are to show support for something their kids could care less about. And when it flops? I’m sure the media will devote tons of ink to this doll being in the bargin bins… not.

You don’t have to be ultra right, or even moderately conservative, to see this is just another stupid marketing ploy to play on the left’s emotional heart strings. The sad thing is there will be thousand that buy this to show their solidarity with such a dumb concept.


I would agree to a point. I don’t think the manufacturer is doing it solely to push an agenda, though that might be a small part of it. Even if it is, I don’t think it would override the profit objective. As you say, I suspect that it is others that want to push, or rather buy into, the agenda that make it so that the profit objective is met.

What is funny to me is that many that support pushing an agenda of transgender normalization are also typically rabid anticapitalists. Their blind devotion to “the cause” will just further line the pockets of those they denounce.

Now all this assumes that it is not produced by some small company that will drive the profits into political actions for normalization of aberrant behaviors. There certainly are a number of individuals with the finacial capital to make zero sum gains on a product like this just to push their political agenda. Some have zero issue with using all the levers of power at their disposal to move society in the direction they desire. Their primary goal is to remake society in conformance with their vision. This goes for both the left and the right. It’s one of the joys of being ungodly wealthy I suppose.


Thank you for making my point.


I think all the outrage is just giving it more attention. It’s an overpriced doll. I wouldn’t have even heard of it if everyone hadn’t started the “what’s the world coming to” song and dance.


Exactly. If they want to waste their money, who cares?
Barbie dolls were still around ten bucks, last time I bought one for my niece.:smiley:


Again… :shrug: not sure how my post “made your point”.

I’m not offended by it. At worse I’m “offended” by the gullibility of people that would buy this for their kids when those kids likely have no concept of transgenderism, but if it makes the parents feel good so be it. It’s not my money they are spending.

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