Transgender no longer a mental ‘disorder’ in diagnostic manual

By Moni Basu, (CNN) — The American Psychiatric Association announced this month approved changes in its official guide to classifying mental illnesses.

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Well, it would appear that once more the American Psychiatric Association has caved and decided to be politically correct instead of telling the truth. Gender Identity Disorder is no longer in the DSM. Instead, Gender Dysphoria is in it which is only for those who are uncomfortable with their disorder.

I think thinking you were born in to the wrong body is mental disorder

I don’t think it’s a mental disorder. I think it’s a religious belief. You know how we believe that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ at Mass, even though they are bread and wine by any measurable test? Well, “transgendered” people believe that they are “really” the sex opposite from their biological sex, even though they are their biological sex by any measurable test. It requires exactly the same kind of faith. The difference is, ours is backed by God through the Church. Theirs isn’t. And any religious belief is absolutely bonkers if it’s not true!

I asked one of them how he makes the jump from feeling like a woman to the idea that he is actually a woman. My analogy was a headache; you can feel like someone is hitting your head with a hammer, but it’s a huge jump to go from there to the idea that there really is an invisible man hitting you in the head with an invisible hammer. He said, “How would you feel if I doubted that you’re really a Christian because you sin?” I said, “Interesting analogy. So transgenderism is your religion?” That pretty much ended the conversation.

When something stops you from coming to Jesus, that thing is your religion.

Great Quote! :thumbsup:

I’d take what the DSM has to say with a grain of salt. There are no few in the psychiatric industry who think the DSM has gone too far on several points.

People like me who have an innate distrust of authority are supposed to have ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder. From where I stand they have PAD, Pompous ***** Disorder.:eek:

The DSM has become a joke.

I guess I don’t understand. Instead of the DSM referring to the problem as “Gender Identity Disorder,” the DSM now refers to the problem as “Gender Dysphoria.” Is this change anything more than a name change?

As one posted above, Gender Identity Disorder was where you thought you were a man in a womans body or vice versa, now it is only considered a mental disorder “dysphoria” when the subject is unhappy about it

dys-phoria - Greek “un-happiness”

IMHO anyone who thinks they are in the wrong body has not been paying attention.

To whom? It certainly isn’t a joke to the thousands of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Addiction Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and the vast majority of anyone providing professional mental health services. Certainly, not a joke to EVERY accredited college and graduate school training anyone in every field of mental health practice. Also not a joke to any licensed professional any CAF member would see in individual, group, or family therapy.

So who would find the DSM to be a “joke”? What are their credentials? What experience do they have working in the mental health field? How did they arrive at their conclusion?


You’re the best! Seriously, my absolute favorite poster.

I’m also guessing that the people who are complaining about the new classification that is used for the people who are unhappy being transgendered don’t understand that patient happiness and ability to function in life are two of the biggest measures of a mental disorder.

The goal is never to make a patient like someone else or to measure them against society’s standard of normal. It is to ensure that they are happy (or at least not distressed), can function in their day to day lives, and can cultivate healthy relationships. Getting someone to be “normal” doesn’t even factor in.

You have to factor in their impact on society, at least that is what my professors taught me when I got my degree. If someone thinks they are something they are not you do not burden the rest of society by expecting it to keep up a ruse to make them happy.

That said I would have to read the entire text of the changes, it seems to be a cosmetic change to assuage the politically correct. I have not met many “happy” transvestites in my day.

A transvestite is an individual who dresses in clothing of the other sex.

A trans-gendered person has a sense that they were born the wrong sex sex and desires to take steps to make themselves transition to a greater or lesser semblance of their desired sex.

LOL; that’s because in a dysphoric manner of unhappiness Shrinks didn’t like the G.I.D. term and just to make someone believe Shrinks are now smarter than they’ve ever been by branding a new name cause it sounds more pleasing to their ears. WOW far out. :rolleyes:

Ah; the DSM-5, another load of psychobable **** to fill the ears of unsuspecting listeners.

Yet, is there a difference? It seems that the DSM still recognizes that GID is still a problem, it is just now formally called Gender Dysphoria? I am confused.

You would have a point if sex reassignment surgery made “patients happy.” It doesn’t make them happy. And if they were happy, they wouldn’t come onto CAF trying to -]convince/-] coerce posters into agreeing that they are supposedly really happy. .

Unreal. Heaven forbid there should ever be an actual definition of normal or normalcy. In fact, without definitions, society itself cannot function well, which is precisely what we are moving toward. This is what posters above are talking about when they refer to the DSM as increasingly a joke. The more it becomes counter-definitional, the more useless and irrelevant it becomes to the trade itself.

If normalcy were purely subjective (what you are advocating), then logically there should be no such thing as psychopathology. Normalcy is then defined by a subjective definition of “happiness” and “function,” happiness including delusion, and “functioning in society” including the power to force an entire society to accept my deluded notion of reality.

Normalcy as a formalized asylum. Got it. :rolleyes:

It is kind of a joke when it pretends to be based on science, and if it is not based on scientific evidence that any claim is really a subjective one. I firmly believe that psychology can be extremely useful in a lot of cases; however, in general it is not a science and very few practitioners are willing to admit to it. I believe that in order to gain acceptance of the discipline and because of its historical background based on a lot of pseudo-science nobody is willing to call the duck a duck. I think that a generalized lack of intellectual honesty can cast a lot of shadows on the credibility of the field or it can bring unreasonable beliefs in its regard.

Yep. What about someone who thinks he should have been born into Barack Obama’s body and should therefore be the president?

Funny, my first degree was in psych too and one of the basic things we learned in intro was the difference between a transsexual and a transvestite.

I don’t think it’s a cosmetic change at all. If a transsexual is happy, well adjusted, employed, and maintaining relationships its wrong to say that they are mentally ill and need treatment. Having GID be an automatic mental illness diagnosis was blanket labeling a large subset of the population. That’s detrimental to the individual patients.

Large subset?

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