Transgender parents speak out about what makes a family

After I read the article I couldn’t help myself to think how in this family problems are already surfacing. Even though I feel for the Transsexual couple I still feel that their marriage will not be a healthy one, for themselves or their children.:confused::confused:


So let me get this straight, a woman who turned into a man married a man who turned into a woman, and the man who is actually a woman carried the baby for the woman who is actually a man.

Wow!!! There are no limits to this madness.


:rolleyes:uummmm yeahhhhh…


I grew up in a traditional family and we had problems, too. A boat load of disfunctional behaviors.

No family, traditional or otherwise, is guarenteed an easy, healthy and care-free experience.

Human beings are far to complicated to try to make it a simple answer.


I am not sure that is entirely accurate. According to the article, Nick conceived and delivered the children before transitioning from female to male. So Nick would have still been female when the children were born.

Whether Bianca has transitioned from male to female is unclear. The article doesn’t directly mention it, but does say that Bianca works as a popular drag performer. Since drag is pretty much guys imitating women, rather than actually becoming women, I am thinking that Bianca has all of the original body parts. It may be that Bianca identities as transgender, even though not undergoing sex change surgery.


I read a story where a man “became” a woman and then proclaimed to be a lesbian.:shrug:


No comment! lol


And the hypothetical becomes reality. Although I don’t think I ever got an answer when I thought of that hypothetical question.

Is this a valid natural marriage? Because it’s still a man and a woman; they’re just switching places.


Right now they are a man and a woman, no matter how they dress/identify. Maybe before
they explain to their children, they will be happy with who they are. Otherwise, I feel for the
kids…how will the children ever see a normal man /woman relationship???
Wow, just wow.


:yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

Anecdotal evidence, personal bias.

Y! loves these kinds of articles. :o


True, but the liberal/mainstream media likes to take these kinds of stories and put a positive spin on them in order to garner attention and sympathy for the cause.


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Pope Benedict on the family:
The Pope also stressed the importance of family life built upon a man and woman who are married to each other. This is because God “created us male and female, equal in dignity, but also with respective and complementary characteristics, so that the two might be a gift for each other, might value each other and might bring into being a community of love and life.”
Pope Francis on Marriage: Pope Francis stressed the importance of marriage between a man and a woman at his general audience at the Vatican on Wednesday (April 2), saying the two were united in “one flesh” as “icons of God’s love.”

“When a man and a woman celebrate the sacrament of marriage, God is reflected in them,” the pontiff told an estimated 45,000 pilgrims who gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

Our Faith is rather simple on marriage. God created woman for man and man for woman Straight forward. No confusion.

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