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Good Afternoon,
I am a referral specialist at a primary care office, I help people work with their insurance to get specialty appointments and resources. I have an 11 year old who was referred to endocrinology for gender transition. I took RCIA two years ago, and have been Catholic since then, and my Deacon said that some sins are relative; his example was for abortion. The secretary who scheduled the abortion is in less sin than the surgeon who performed that particular procedure. He argued against NOT scheduling the procedure as the secretary may lose their job and engage in significant financial struggle, a large cost for a relatively lessor sin. I am having internal conflict by being a party to this young person’s transition when I strongly believe that it is not the correct thing to do. Am I right to feel this way? I have a family to support so quitting is not an option, though I am currently looking for another job.

Thank you for listening.


What’s with all these transgender threads? We already had three in a row.


New to the board, I will look for current threads more closely next time.


Perhaps the National Catholic Bioethics Center could help you sort through the issues.


This resource looks great! Thank you for sharing, I am finding some reassurance.


Perhaps an endocrinologist would not be party to the transition surgeries so much as just hormone adjusting? I’m not saying it’s right, just that I’d feel worse about being part of one than the other.


Speak to your pastor.


Can you assert a conscience clause, such as for abortion?

Or refer the boy to another physician?

You should never do someone that is against your conscience.


I think the advice you got is correct. The parents have a right to take their child to see this doctor, if his PCP believes he meets the criterea. It might be that the endocrinologist decides not to treat him, or to treat him in a different way. If he uses his medical skills in an immoral way, that is on him. But I don’t think you have enough information to determine that there is no moral reason for this patient to see that doctor.


Most youngsters who pursue this end up desisting.


Not only that, he lacks the training to do so, and has not been invited to do so.



Now you are interjecting yourself into my life when it is not wanted. You are not privy to my level of education or history of employment in healthcare. I am concerned with learning and applying a new set of ethics to my life to become a better Catholic; even the healthcare organization I work for is Catholic. I don’t want to make the decisions for this family or second-guess the physician, I merely do not want to be a part of this decision. Whether everyone else is is up to them.

I do appreciate though you showing me how violent online interactions can be and that I “could not possibly have anything of value to add.” I hope your interactions don’t lead to severe negativity in anyone else’s life.


It is kind of ironic since he likes to call out people who are uncharitable.


That’s a straw man of what she said.


Its in the news, from Bruce Jenner, to transgenders in the military to rest room usage, it seems as if half the population of America are either men stuck in a woman’s body, or women stuck in a man’s body.

I feel like a minority, a man trapped in a man’s body.


It does get bothersome.


This is pretty much the definition of presumptuousness.

But even supposing you were right, would this be any way to talk to a fellow human being? When people are uneducated about something, we SCOLD them? Even if they have yet to take any actions!

I would suggest that if a medical specialist (in an area you are not expert in) treated you this way, you would rightly take offense.


Ethical decisions, you see, must be kept to the experts, who have been trained in medicine (not ethics). Curious, that.


I teach ethics, and I know precisely what training those people on the ethics committee usually have: 1-3 classes. They certainly have far more medical expertise than I have, but I’m not always certain that their expertise in ethics merits the vaunted influence they have in the ethical trajectory of our country.

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