Transgender problems for the prison industry


I was trying to find a recent article from the UK about this, where they started putting transgenders into the gender specific section the offender CLAIMED to be, rather than their real gender upon birth, but could not find it, this article is pretty close though.

As goes the rest of society in regards to ‘accommodating’ transgenders, its almost certain there will be calls for transgenders to be placed in gender sections based on what they claim to be versus what they were born as…and I imagine its going to cause some real problems for lawmakers, how can the rest of society be expected to cater to their needs and the prison industry not have to do the same?

Im actually surprised I havent seen a transgender man fight for his ‘legal’ right to be placed in the female section, or vice verse, equally surprised the media has not talked much about this aspect (yet).

Made me wonder if Bruce Jenner were arrested today…would they put him in the male or female section, possible backlash if they made the ‘wrong’ choice…leading to new laws…??


They would put her in a female prison most likely.


Sadly, prisons deal with all sorts of psychiatric issues, both real and feigned.


Is this the article you mean?

From the perspective of the UK, Jenner would be sent to a female prison. To quote the article above:
A Prison Service spokesperson said: "It is longstanding policy to place offenders according to their legally recognised gender.

If a person has obtained a “gender recognition certificate”, they will have a new birth certificate in their “acquired gender”
Prisoners who obtain a gender recognition certificate while in prison “should in most cases be transferred to the estate of their acquired gender”

I imagine something similar would happen in the USA.


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