Transgender rights activist charged with assaulting Quebec premier


A well-known Montreal transgender rights activist (Esteban Torres) was charged Friday with assaulting Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard.

He is charged in connection with an altercation at a vigil Thursday night in Montreal’s Gay Village for victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre.

Torres, who is affiliated with the anti-capitalist Pink Bloc movement, was heard shouting in Spanish for a revolution to begin.

At a peaceful vigil against violence, one of the transgender rights speakers becomes violent and physically attacks the Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard (Quebec Liberal Party).

Nothing about this physical assault on the Premier of Quebec in the American Press.


Here is a link to a news article


Was it a shoe?


Apparently it was a crumpled piece of paper, according to the National Post and other news sources.


charging someone for assault with a weapon when the “weapon” is a paper ball seems excessive.


I’m not sure the object was ever found. According to news accounts witnesses say that it was black and looked like crumpled up paper.

Was the premier injured? Apparently not. Was he ever in danger? Well…


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