Transgender student 'happy' with support since girls' washroom ban


The school has told Isabella that, in accordance with the Manitoba human rights commission, she has to use its gender-neutral washroom. In response, her parents have filed a complaint with the commission, hoping to change the rules.

“It just doesn’t seem right and it doesn’t seem fair,” Burgos told CTV’s Canada AM. “She is eight years old and she just wants to use the bathroom… Today it’s a bathroom, tomorrow it could be something else. We want to start focussing on the rights that she has as a child.”

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So the transgender Isabella is provided with a gender-neutral washroom but the parents are insisting that Isabella be allowed in the girls washroom. Isabella was a boy at that school last year.


It is very important not to generalize this case, and accuse all transgendered people of wanting this “right”. I think that most of them would be happy to use a unisex bathroom.

And in this case, obviously, Isabella isn’t the problem; her parents are.


It is funny South Park covered this recently.


This is beyond ridiculous, and I agree the parents are the problem.


What ever happened to the archetype of the parents that seek to suppress their child’s “self-expression?”

More LGBT kids are coming out because this great old archetype is dying out. Children do not need “self-expression.” They need more homogenization.


Schools must be more interesting places now than they used to be.

Mom: “So how was your first day of school? Is your friend Gary still in your class?”

Kid: “Yeah, but he’s a girl this year.”


The school did the right thing by forbidding him from using the girls bathroom. I see no problem with him using a gender neutral restroom and I don’t understand why he has a problem with it. However, I honestly think that in cases like this he should still have to use the boys restroom but since they do have a gender neutral restroom, I am fine with that as well.


Am I missing something?

Who allowed an eight year old to have a sex change operation?



I would like to know this as well. In my opinion, it is really irresponsible to let someone that young get an operation like that. He may change is mind in the future.

Also, I thought it was rather dumb that the article said he was a boy in school in the last year in past tense like as though he’s no longer a boy. He was created as a boy by God and will always be a boy. No amount of surgery and/or hormones can change that.


Does this mean the child had an operation? I’m not even sure about this. It seems people are saying there is a problem when children can arbitrarily declare what their sex is. Whatever the proper terminology is, you know what I mean.

Isabella Burgos was born a boy, but transitioned over the summer, and returned to school in September as a girl.

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It’s not clear to me.


Another news article on the same child…

Transitioned may just mean wearing pink dresses and such, not surgery.

The mom who stopped this child, who was a boy last June, from going into the girls washroom is being made out to be some kind of monster. She was just enforcing the rules of the school, which are very reasonable.


I am not clear that he had an operation either ( I will not use the word “she” to describe this poor child). But it is child abuse. The parents should be thrown in jail - they and others are using a confused child to advance a twisted agenda that denies nature.



And yet if you told your children to keep refering him by his birth name and his true gender, they’d get reprimanded and you’d be in trouble for “promoting intolerance.”

Actually, that sounds good. Let’s start wearing “intolerant bigot” like a badge! If they managed to turn pink triangles, a symbol used by Nazis to identify homosexuals, into a badge of honor…


I am sure the parents are thrilled to death with their 15 minutes of frame. But they have done imeasurable to this child and the best for all involved woud l be to remove the child from their premises


As it turns out, punishing and humiliating children for gender nonconformity not only doesn’t help them, it messes them up even more.

There was no surgery.

This child was born male, it does not necessarily follow that this child was specifically intended by God to be a boy; God has an active and a passive will.

Transitioning refers to changing gender presentation and often includes hormones, in the case of this child those hormones would be beta blockers (not technically hormones) which serve to delay puberty until such a time as the child is deemed old enough to make an informed choice and begin HRT.


What absolute nonsense!! The notion that making children hate the idea of being transgender is psychologically scarring is the kind of backwards moon-logic allowing this stuff to happen. Telling your daughter who thinks she’s supposed to be a boy that she’s being foolish, that these feelings are ungodly, and anyone who tells them otherwise is dangerous will help her more than all the New Age coddling the pro-trana crowd pushes.

And it’s quite sure it’s blasphemous to suggest God could or would intend someone to have been born their opposite gender.


Are you saying it isn’t damaging to someone to associate fear, hatred and disgust with parts of themselves that they find themselves unable to change? The problem is that because of how fundamentally gender affects how we interact with the world inevitably the person will connect that fear, hatred and disgust with themselves. From there it becomes all too easy to decide that everyone around you would be better off if you died because you are a wretched burden upon them, besides no one is going to ever love you so you are better off dead too.

The problem is that unlike what radical feminists claim, gender just isn’t that malleable; these cases are incorrigible.

What a monster God must be for him to intend someone to be born a cripple. :rolleyes:

There is a difference between God’s active and passive wills


No one.

Children are, however, upon presentation of persistent gender dysphoria, allowed to delay their puberty through medication, until such time as they can make an informed decision. Such treatment has no irreversable effects - if the child changes their mind, the treatment can be stopped, and puberty will commence as in a normal child.

However, while gender dysphoria is often temporary in young (pre-pubertal) children, once it persists into early puberty (when such treatment is generally started), it is extraordinarily rare for a child to “revert”, regardless of whether they receive any form of treatment. If the condition persists until they’re around 14 to 15 years old, such reversal is virtually nonexistent. For that reason, combined with the fact that they will at that age be considered competent to give informed consent, hormone replacement therapy can be started to induce the puberty that fits their gender. This is tremendously helpful; since they will never have virilized (or feminized, in the case of trans men), their lives will be as close to “normal” as possible.

As for surgery, the lower age limit internationally is 18 years. Excemption from this is virtually never given - I’ve heard of one case internationally, where the circumstances were extraordinary. Giving such an excemption from the international guidelines could cost a surgeon (and the therapists who greenlight the surgery) their license if the decision is not watertight, so in practice, it is not an option.

Additionally, there is a requirement of having completed one year of hormone replacement therapy before being allowed genital surgery. As with the age limit, this requirement is virtually never deviated from, except in very few cases where a patient may not be a candidate for hormone therapy for medical reasons, but still would benefit psychologically from surgery. However, being a candidate for surgery and not for hormone therapy is incredibly rare - again, I’ve heard of one case internationally.

I hope this helped - basically, if you see reports of a child who has transitioned, they have not received any form of surgery. If under the age of 14 (though generally 15 or 16), they have not received hormones, but may have been allowed to delay their puberty, depending on where they live.

And in the case of an eight years old, even puberty blockers would be meaningless, since they would not have any effect. Such medication is generally started around age 12 (or later, depending on circumstances). So to conclude, this child will probably not have received any medical treatment except counseling at all.


Yes, not to speak of cleft palates, trisomies, cystic fibrosis and basically every other congenital disorder or condition :rolleyes:

I mean, claiming that people were born with cleft palates must be blasphemous, since that would imply God wanted them to have cleft palates!

Or wait, perhaps He did, and surgery to correct cleft palates is sinful. They are perfect as they are, and they should be taught to appreciate how God created them rather than approaching possibly dangerous surgery to “correct” their condition.

However, in the latter case, it seems that if everything that exits a womb is according to God’s will, then indeed there are a few hundred genders, since there are a few hundred forms of intersex conditions.

But that is obviously false, so perhaps people aren’t really born with intersex conditions, since such would imply that God wills it so, and that would be in contradiction with Catholic doctrine, and not least imply that God wants these children to suffer infertility and social stigmatization, and hence any such claim about hermaphroditism and other intersex conditions being congenital would be blasphemous. Consequently, hermaphroditism is obviously nothing but a choice, nothing short of a liberal, Masonic, Wiccan new-age conspiracy. These people must be stopped lest they ruin our society.

I’ll stop the satire now.

But when will people realize that we live in a postlapsarian world, and that the Fall actually affected our biology?


My friend, you are late to the dance on this one. It’s been happening for years. Majority of this nonsense comes from infertile and gullible couples who turn to for profit fertilization clinics to help birth them a child from a test tube. In today’s climate an 8 year old girl who decides to become a boy, has more rights than you and I.

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