Transgender woman pleads guilty to taking photos in Target dressing room


43-year-old Sean Patrick Smith, who also identifies as Shauna Patricia Smith, a transgender female, has entered a plea of guilty to videotaping a woman in the Ammon Target store.

According to the Idaho Repository, Smith entered a plea of guilty to Video Voyeurism Without Mutual Consent.

Smith will be in court November 28th for sentencing.


A “transgender woman” is a man.


Although I find this really disturbing, as far as I know dressing/fitting rooms are not gender separated in Target (or most other) stores. So any man, not just a man with delusions of being a woman (part time, apparently) could be in the room next to me or my family.


Coming soon to a girl’s high school locker room near you.


At what point can a man change his “adjective” from he to she?


Without a doubt.


I believe that the discussion isn’t “he” or “she” anymore but “ze”. Voila problem solved!!
:shrug: We should have seen this coming.


I have yet to go into a dressing room in a department store in any part of the country I have shopped in and found it to be non gender specific. What am I missing? The Targets around here have dressing rooms in both the men’s and women’s department and only the correct sex uses it. They also have gender-specific bathrooms, unlike the news reports saying Target has unisex bathrooms. Maybe I live in a “backward” area. :slight_smile:

The only way I can imagine this is if a man went into a woman’s store or department specifically to buy a piece of woman’s clothing and try it on and the sales person made sure
no one of the opposite sex was in the dressing room, or vice versa.


I’ve been in dressing rooms where there is a male employee that attends to the shoppers using them. Didn’t like it so much, but just to say, its out there. I also have been overseas- specifically in my case where I was at swimming pool- and the dressing rooms were unisex. The stalls weren’t even to the floor or to the ceiling. Didn’t like that too much either, but its probably the conditioning of the society that I live in. The Europeans didn’t seem to mind so much.


I am dumbfounded that Target has not reversed course. Clearly this “transgender” policy is an invitation to perverts. Way to protect your customers there Target.


I thought that the political elites assured us all that this sort of thing was* not* going to happen. What went wrong???


Well I live in a more “backward” state, we just have small targets with one dressing room for both, they do have family bathrooms thank goodness though.

At department stores they are “in” the departments but not usually staffed so who knows!


The Target around here has male and female AND family bathrooms, so I have not been exposed yet to unisex restrooms except in gas stations (which are accessed by a key) and small restaurants with only one restroom period, which do not have urinals. I live in a pretty conservative area of the country, though. Oh well.:shrug:


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