Transgender woman wins Utah senate primary

SALT LAKE CITY >> A transgender woman making her first foray into politics won Utah’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary tonight.

Misty Snow, a grocery store clerk, will face off against incumbent Republican Sen. Mike Lee in November after winning the Democratic nomination. Snow would become Utah’s first openly transgender elected official if she wins the general election. She defeated marriage therapist Jonathan Swinton in the primary.

Okay, I get really confused by this: Is a transgender woman a biological man?

They laughed when Republicans in Delaware nominated a former witch, but don’t you dare laugh at Democrats in Utah nominating a guy who dresses like a girl.

Looks like it from the story; she’s a case of “male-to-female gender identity disorder” if we want to use a technical term. (The transgender activists successfully got “disorder” deleted from the DSM-5, though. :p)

I wonder how soon you guys will have an LGBTQ President. :wink: (We’re still a long way from that, but I have doubts about our Prime Minister sometimes. :o)

Yes. It’s taking me a long time to get used to the language as well.

Hopefully, years from now, this will not even be an issue. Her qualifications for the job are what matters.

Considering he’s not even good at telling the difference between male and female… :shrug:

Is that an essential job qualification? LOL

Could be a judgement of their perception of reality, but who knows. Do you think someone with multiple personality or schizophrenia let untreated could work the job?

If transgenderism is gender identity disorder, which I believe this is, then we are neglecting the mental health of a person, and putting them in charge.

Schizophenia and dissociative identity disorder are both another kettle of fish. But you have a point.

Trendy politicians will hurt our country not make things better for the disenfranchised. He has 13 years experience as a cashier in a grocery store, and lives in his mom’s house. He would end up being a tool for the DNC.

I really don’t think people care to much about a politician being transgender. They care about their experience, integrity, positions etc… The fear of a person like Misty Snow, is that anyone who opposes him will be labeled as a transgenderaphobe. And, conversely, supporters of him are only focused on the voguish transgender candidate.

Call it, Obamaphenomena, when a candidate gets a majority of votes, based not on their experience, but their trendy political value.

Kind of like Trump wouldn’t you agree, who has zero political experience compared to Hillary’s 24+ YEARS experience?

Did this person actually get a sex change or are they a crossdresser?

I don’t think the experience needs to be political. Trump has plenty of experience working with people, business, governments, children and family etc…

Hillary has plenty of experience as well.

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