Transgendered priest to give sermon at Washington National Cathedral



Oh ho hum, what else is new?


The Washington National Cathedral is welcoming the first openly transgendered Episcopal priest to its altar this month.

The Rev. Cameron Partridge, a transgendered man, is set to give the June 22 sermon at the cathedral, a fixture in the D.C. skyline and one of the nation’s most well-known houses of worship.


Why are these people Christians at all, do they not read the O/T and N/T, who gives them the right to change God’s Law.

He wont be a Episcopal priest but rather a Episcopal Minister, to be a priest you have to offer a sacrifice which most denominations don’t do , we call them Vicars or Minister.


Glad to hear the Ordinariates will be receiving more members. :thumbsup:


Considering that this “priest” is from the Episcopal ecclesial community, I am not surprised. The Episcopal church does not have valid holy orders. They have also made numerous doctrinal errors over the years so its not surprising to see that they are now ordaining transgendered people to the “priesthood”. I put “priesthood” in quotes because they do not have valid holy orders or apostolic succession and are therefore not truly priests.

But anyway, the Episcopal church has made numerous errors over the year. I think it all started with allowing contraception for married couples. It only got worse from there on out. It may have started even further back though but if it did, I don’t know about it. I don’t know many things though. But then they started “ordaining” women as well and that was a very wrong decision to make. It was only a matter of time since then that they would start ordaining homosexuals and transgendered people and every other type of person on this third rock from the Sun.

I love our Episcopal brothers and sisters in Christ but I must condemn the numerous errors that they made. I also must continue to love them as best I can and pray for their conversion to Catholicism for only in Catholicism does one find 100% of the Truth on faith and morals.


Be of good cheer Celtic Maiden! Mankind has always attempted to manipulate God and work around what He has provided for us to follow, but it never works. They do not and cannot change Gods laws, they only pretend to and go about in a feverish attempt at convincing themselves they have, or that they have found a loophole, or some hidden truth, when in fact all they are doing is lying to themselves and everyone else. They can lie as much as they desire, but it will never, in any way, change Gods law, commandments, guidance or direction.

Relating to this person being a priest, I confess I agree with you a real priest this person is not, but it is no different than priests in pagan religions. They hold a title within their own religious group, nothing more and nothing to really worry about, especially since the Holy Catholic Church will never allow such lunacy within her walls. Praise be to God for that!

They do read the Holy Scriptures, but they find what they desire within its words. They do not look for truth, they look for a way to justify their wants. As far as people who claim to be Christian yet act completely different than a Christian should act, I can only offer the wisdom of my signature line from a saint and father of the early Church.

In the end, for all their boisterous and pompous efforts, it means as much to God as putting a drop of water into the oceans, even less I imagine. When their hearts seek truth, God will provide that truth to them. When they seek deception, they will find it at every turn. Let us pray fervently for their souls and for their hearts to be burdened with the desire to seek out that truth.




What exactly is a “transgendered man”? Is that a woman that dresses and acts like a man? Or is that a man that dresses and acts like a woman?

The lingo confuses me.


It’s a woman who pretends to be a man.


Yes, the terminology is sometimes hard to pin down. When relying on third-party sources, I am sometimes left scratching my head.

Religion News Service interviewed the Rev. Partridge last year. Here is the introduction to the interview:

The Rev. Cameron Partridge lives outside Boston with his wife and two young children in what looks like, to those who don’t know them, a typical suburban marriage.

While a student at all-female Bryn Mawr College in 1995, Partridge came out as gay and embraced a call to the priesthood. Partridge then graduated from Harvard Divinity School, transitioned from female to male, was ordained an Episcopal priest, got married and completed his doctorate. Today, he’s a religion scholar at Harvard Divinity School and an Episcopal chaplain at Boston University.

We talk to Partridge about his transgender and spiritual journeys, his discomfort with simplistic views of male and female, and feeling at home in Anglicanism. Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.


When I read the title thread, I thought it was a Catholic priest. I didn’t know the Episcopal Church had priests let alone a transgendered priest!


As Fr Z says (in a different thread), “Remember, [Episcopalians, Lutherns, etc] don’t have priests, whatever they call them.”


The Protestant Reformation is over. The Churches of Reform have become the biggest trashers of Christian morality and Faith.

I think most of the main protestant churches will die out, the church of England is dead already. In the increasingly pagan and secularized world we live in you must truly live THE faith.

As my grandfather once said. People need substance, they need to hear the truth, not this wishy washy rubbish the Protestants (heretics) subscribe to. These people need to be stopped they mislead others with their lies.

Not only do they risk their own eternal salvation, but they believe they have some kind of mandate to run a “church” and preach in the name of the one true god.

The heretical protestant sects are very dangerous indeed. Fortuantly less and less people suscribe to their twisted ideas.


In the picture he definitely looks like a male.
Do females that transgender to men have surgeries or is that men who transgender to female?

Where I used to work there were two transgenders who shopped at the store separately. They were both men who transgendered to women.
To me I could still see the masculinity.
Sometimes there were women that were trying very hard to look like men. I would have to do a double take.

It is confusing but will become more common place.

The national cathedral is a beautiful church. I think the gay bishop gene robinson will also be there.

Yes there will probably be more episcopalians joining the Catholic church. That is a good thing.


transgender is an adjective, not a verb, not a noun.


All I can say is, I am thankful I am not involved with the dating scene! Now you have to make sure who and what you are dating.


I love this part “his discomfort with simplistic views of male and female”. I guess in his view God has a simplistic view also: * But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ Mark 10:6*




No kidding!!!

No matter what she does to her body, she is still a female and living a lie on multiple levels. Whatever she is seeking isn’t going to fill the void. We should pray for her and all people who struggle like she does.


I think about 1% of the population is born hermaphrodites with both male and female characteristics (whether by chromosomes or hormonal issues during gestation). In some tribal societies they kill them at birth as unwanted freaks; in others they laud them as very special people and give them roles a shamans, etc.

As Catholics I think we should not discriminate against them, but treat them with more love than we give to others in order to compensate for all the hatred they have to face.

If they remain celebrate I don’t see any problem at all for Catholics.

Some go in for operations to make them one gender or the other, so they will fit into our intolerant society better. Again, we should not condemn this any more than we should not condemn them being born different from most other people.

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