Transgenderism and Sterilizations


Hi all! I have a question.

So, at my Catholic university, our Amnesty International charter was holding petitions for human rights. Most of them, noncontroversial, at least in my eyes. One however, was involving a transgendered person (born a female, identifies as a male) being forced to undergo a sex change operation and become sterilized in order to “have their gender legally recognized.” I thought forced sterilizations were horrendous, so I signed the petition. However, the one part I had a problem with was that the template was that it seemed to advocate for this “gender ideology,” although primarily being involved with removing forced sterilizations. It even stated, “He should not have to undergo invasive treatments to be recognized for who he is.” Was I wrong to sign this petition or can my conscience be at peace?

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While the whole transgenderism thing is confusing and quite illogical, someone being forced to have surgery against their will because of their dysphoria seems inhumane… That’s just may take though


I think you can be against forced sterilization for different reasons than the template stated


You were probably wrong.

Gender on an ID serves 2 purposes. 1 is to make identification simpler and 2 is to, in a worst-case scenario, ensure that a person gets proper medical care.

Men and women have different—parts—and that can change quite a few things in a medical professional’s assessment of an emergency situation.

This “sterilization” and forcing business is just insane. We don’t assign gender for funzies. People who are so ill that they wish to change their gender are simply being manipulated by the doctors willing to comply. The “sterilization” question is just a misdirection.


The template should’ve read, “sign this to support recognizing transgender people who have not had sex reassignment surgery”


your conscience can be at peace because you thought you were signing something that was against forced sterilizations, therefore you didn’t commit a mortal sin


Amnesty International believes in human rights for everyone except the unborn, by the way.
It seems the person was not being “forced” to undergo surgery, just that if she wanted to be recognized as a male she needed to choose surgery. If she didn’t care about legal recognition. she could just dress as a male and claim she was one.
I too would be against forced surgery. But in this case, it just seems as if it would be something the person chose.
I wouldn’t have signed it, but I’m sure you didn’t sin. You are trying to stand up for human rights, which is not so easy nowadays.


It seems you were misled rather than wrong to sign it.

Reading between the lines, I think this petition was really saying that they want to force the government to recognize “gender changes” whenever people want to make them; as opposed to only recognizing them if the person has a sex-change operation.

It’s probably not about “forced sterilization” at all.

My bet is that they are equating “forced sterilization” with the idea that a government will not change birth records or identification records unless there’s been an actual sex-change operation.

In other words, someone says “they forced me to have this operation because it was the only way I could get my birth certificate gender changed.”


Hi all! Thanks for the help! Luckily, my friend is actually in charge of our school’s amnesty international, so I asked them to please remove my individual petition from that one. Thanks for the advice.


A difficult choice is still a choice surely. If you really felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body surely the last thing you would want is to get pregnant.


From what I can tell, it’s being done by governments as a part of the legal transition process - an individual with male sex organs who wishes to became a legal female must become sterilized (as a man) before being recognized as a legal female. I didn’t do much in-depth research, but it’s being done in Japan and some European states.


It isn’t reasonable to expect anyone to treat someone with a penis as a woman. Some of the arguments you hear these days are truly bizarre.


Did this not mean that the person couldn’t be considered a woman unless they underwent a sex change operation. Or as long as they still had a penis they legally had to identify as a man? So essentially it’s a petition to recognise the “identity” of those who had not undergone the operation?

I wouldn’t sign anything by Amnesty International if I were you. Many of the positions they take now are seriously anti-Catholic. In Ireland, they are one of the main organisations pushing for the introduction of abortion.


Indeed, we are getting all the PC bull in our teaching college. "We must respect the student’s “gender identity” and all that.

I think if little Timmy want’s me to call him Tina or whatever then grand. But I’m not going to go around calling him a her if he has a goatee and still pees standing up.


You’re just giving her the chance to be able to figure out who she is really is later on in life. I read people who underwent this type of surgeries usually become depressive and suicidal later in life (in their 30s or 40s). State your reasons if you can on that petition (because you think that obviously the operation is unnecessary since she is a woman and because she does not want the surgery so her choice should be respected). Or even if you can’t state your reasons you should give her this chance since there is just tiny thought from God that the whole I’msomeonewhoIamnotbecauseIsaidso, is just a mood and it will pass.
May God enlighten this woman back into sanity.



Sadly our culture has a fondness for crying “wolf”. There are people who have been/will today be sterilized against their will because of disabilities, mental illness, race, and other gross violations of the dignity of the person.

Someone who voluntarily has sterilization done so they can get a different gender on their ID is making a choice.


Yeah. I would agree Father nailed this one. Blasted agenda folks really hurt the folks that really DO have a medical problem in this area.



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