Transitional Fossils and the Theory of Evolution in relation to Genesis Accounts

The existence of the Japanese ethnic group is evidence of the existence of Izanagi and Izanami.

The existence of the Navaho is evidence of the truth of the Navaho origin story with the black, blue, yellow and white worlds.

Do the poems of Homer show that the Greek gods really exist?

I repeat, there is no contemporary evidence of the existence of Moses. All the evidence is later hearsay.

Diatoms are living organisms, they include both calcium and sodium as well as other elements. You need to do more research on this.

YEC has zero scientific support, hence the difficulty for YEC websites trying to appear scientific.

It does not matter who wrote it but that whoever wrote it was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

No, the original ending is not missing but amended. See:

“Hyper”? Hardly “hyper”. A healthy skepticism in science is rewarded with advances in human understanding of the physical world.

The original ending is still missing and has been replaced by one of the possible “amended” wordings available in different old manuscripts. That is what “amended” means: it has been changed from the original. What we have today is not the original. As your own reference says in the notes:

Early citations of it by the Fathers indicate that it [The Longer Ending] was composed by the second century, although vocabulary and style indicate that it was written by someone other than Mark.

We no longer have the original words of Mark, but the words of someone else. Hence, the Bible is not what many people claim it to be. Our hyper-scepticism allows us to reject it.

I meant specifically in this thread. And I do because it’s kinda entertaining. And some of us like to correct some misinterpetations of the science that are posted (the matter of the saltiness of the sea for example, which rossum just helped out with).

Yeehaa! You just made my day.


From my citation:

This abrupt termination causes some to believe that the original ending of this gospel may have been lost.


“Some to believe … may have been lost” does not mean “the original is … missing”. Please do not elevate the subjunctive mood to the declarative. It’s an old habit that I thought we’d fixed.

??? Are we a bit wobbly?

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Well, I hope you’ve found me to be a bit more than amusing entertainment. I’ve sometimes been amused and entertained by people who behave like the license plate image below. And, I do pray for my critics. I’ve also been helpfully informed at times and I appreciate that.

Repetition can be a form of propaganda. You can repeat something thousands of times in a mantra but that doesn’t make it true.

The survival of the Jewish nation and the Jewish Traditions (Passover, the Ten Commandments, etc.) are remarkable. It could have easily not happened. Christianity might not have survived and flourished but it has. There is a God and evidence is that He has acted in Providence to sustain the Jewish nation and the Catholic / Christian Churches.

Note: The Jewish religion was changed temporarily by the Babylonian Captivity (circa 586 BC) and changed permanently by the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in AD 70. There are no more animal sacrifices for sin in a Jewish temple. Jesus Christ became the “Lamb of God”. His Sacrifices and Death became a “once and for all” atonement for sins. The sacrifice of Christ’s Body and Blood is remembered daily in the Sacrifice of the Mass in Catholic Churches and Chapels around the world. Good Friday observances are another remembrance. Jewish and Catholic traditions were established when events like the Passover and the Crucifixion first happened and they continue to the present day.

So, repetition that “the Bible is the word of God” is a form of propaganda?

Do you really not think about this stuff before you post it? Instead, try finding some contemporary evidence for Moses.

Deeds from the life of Moses (the burning bush, the plagues upon Egypt, the Exodus, the parting of the Red Sea, the manna in the wilderness, the Ten Commandments, the law of Moses, etc.). have been remembered in successive generations since the time of Moses.

This is contemporary evidence from our current generation.

Image source:

Deeds from the life of Krishna have been remembered. Deeds from the life of Amaterasu have been remembered. Deeds from the life of Zeus have been remembered.

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Paraphrasing words from the Bible’s Book of Proverbs (ascribed to Solomon)…the simple believe everything but the prudent consider well the way that they are going. Bible translations show some variation.

Now, I hardly think that @rossum believes everything. I’d more easily believe the opposite.

However, we all need to discern who and what to believe. Before we knowingly cross a bridge, we generally choose to believe that the bridge is safe.

Is it better to believe Krishna or better to believe Moses and Christ? I think we’ll find out for sure in the end (after death). As for me, my vote and confidence are in Jesus Christ.

If you get there before I do, stoplooklisten, then promise me that you’ll get in touch so I know that I backed the wrong horse.

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