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Hello my friends. At 63 years, I am in January starting to go to Catholic churches. I have been a life-long Evangelical so to speak and a firm believer in Jesus Christ, who also changed my whole life. I believe the Catholic Church is the true church.
So, any advice as I make this step in my faith journey? My pastor doesn’t want me to leave, and one of our congregants told me the Catholic Church is of the devil (may God forgive her). There is not a single Catholic in my family or extended family. And my sons are following the faith they were brought up in (by me). My Dad, 91, is very anti-Catholic.


I am sure you have already talked to a priest and gotten set up for RCIA (instruction in the Catholic Faith). Yes the Catholic Church is the One True Church established by Jesus Himself. If has everything needed and is complete. God Bless you and I’m praying for you.


You might want to join The Coming Home Network.


You also may want to get a copy of “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. It’s an interesting read and gives a wonderful perspective of two people and their struggle and final acceptance of the Catholic Church.


Welcome Home!!! Prayers for ease on your faith journey.


Thank you all of you. I gave a Catholic church I am visiting. Not quite finished with my commitments at the Protestant church. That happens on Dec 31.


Also a book titled Catholicism for Dummies (check your local library if you can’t afford the book.)
This books gives a good overview of the Catholic Church in a way for those new to the faith or wanting to learn about the faith that is not difficult to understand. I entered the Catholic Church when I was 56 and I spent a great deal of time browsing local Catholic bookstores.
I would connect with a parish. Most RCIA classes begin in the fall. It is good to communicate with someone in the parish office and see if you can set up an appointment with a priest about your desire to become Catholic.
Do not be discouraged. Persevere. There is much to learn and I continue to learn to this day.
Do not be afraid. God bless you on your spiritual journey.


Thank you, 7_ , and I do appreciate the welcome.


If it ever comes up, in conversation with your long time friends, and you want to give them a little Catholic Church history supporting your decision

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Welcome home :love_you_gesture::grinning:


Welcome home, OP! I came into the Church at 39 myself. The best advice I can give is immerse yourself in Catholicism. You can do this by going to Catholic bookstores, listening to EWTN and praying the Rosary. The Rosary is the supreme Marian devotion and encapsulates the whole Gospel and Mariology in one devotion. And it sounds like you’re already encountering anti Catholicism from your family; so bear in mind the Reformation is still quite alive. Keep your head up high, have fortitude in your journey home and keep your heart open to God and the Holy Mother.


There will come a time when you are immersed in the Church, to such an extent that you wonder, where you have been. The Catholic Church is not and had never been the Church of the devil. I experienced being reviled for a time. But the fruits of the Spirit will manifest and your detractors will be unable to dispute the Holy Spirit working in and through you. Patience attains all things.


“The Catholic Church is not and had never been the Church of the devil.”

It still shocks, amazes and greatly saddens me when I hear Our Catholic Church referred to as the Whore of Babylon, the Church that causes people to go to hell, that Catholics aren’t Christians, that the Catholic Church is not Biblical, that we added books to the Bible to suit our beliefs and many other things. I really think people just criticize what they don’t understand. I think they don’t like the Catholic Church because we have limits on many things, we have boundaries, we have restrictions and we call sin sin. People don’t like that. I just wish that EVERY person could see what the Catholic Church really is with an open loving heart.


I’d say just remember the Catholic Church, although the true Church, isn’t perfect. The doctrine is true, but the people, both layman and clergy, are men who make mistakes. You won’t find perfection any whet his side of Heaven.

Also, you may be giving up the fellowship you had as an evangelical. I miss the close community I had at my old Protestant church. I don’t expect to ever have quite the same closeness as a Catholic. But at the same time now I can go to any Catholic Church in the world and it is my Church because it is the same Church.

I agree, but at the same time people who so hate the Catholic Church are willing to talk about the differences. If they listen, and often they don’t - they just talk or even spew, then you may be able to reach them. The people who are indifferent bother me the most.


Welcome home & God bless you! The road you walk isn’t an easy one. You’ve had great advice so far; I’d add “offering up” sufferings for the benefit of your family/friends and asking Our Lord to help you see the wounds in your relationships as a participation in His suffering over the wounds in the family of God caused by apostasy, schism, and heresy.

I will add prayers for your family to prayers for my own over this week.


My family is kind of dysfunctional, so I’m not expecting much reaction. I’m trusting that this decision will draw me closer to God. We shall see what happens.


I’m sure you will get some pushback on transitioning to a Catholic. My Grandpa became Catholic back in the 70’s from the Church of Christ. That is the reason I am Catholic since that brought my Mom into the Church (who brought my Dad when they married). But my Grandpa was persecuted severely for becoming Catholic. He actually got disowned (which included a portion of the extremely wealthy family farmstead). But he persevered because he knew Catholicism was true. He would be a rich man today if he had changed his mind and returned to the Church of Christ. But, as I’m sure he would say, he is a far richer man now with Pearl of Great Price.

So, no matter what happens, you are not the only one who might find it difficult. But, like my grandpa found out, Catholicism makes sense. Feel free to ask any questions you have. Good luck!


Thank you, Ent. I value each response.


Your post just made me so happy! I’ve been praying for a sibling who has left the Church, and somehow hearing that you have found it balances the sorrow with joy! If you don’t mind praying for my sister to find her way home as you have, I’d be so thankful! (And also to anyone else who reads this.)

I love the Church, mostly because I love Jesus. He was so thorough in establishing his truth for all people in all times through the protection of the Holy Spirit in his true Church. The trust and certainty you can have in the Catholic Church is a huge relief. Jesus did not leave us to wander confused and afraid until his return!

I am very happy for you! The books people recommended are great! RCIA can be a great source of information and a great place to ask questions.

God bless you!


Thank you, Teek. And definitely I hope your sister comes back. The Church itself needs to be evangelized, other Christians as well and the completely lost non-believers. I’m praying God will show me how I fit in to this panorama.


I’m not across the Timer yet! My plan is start weekly visits to mass and talk to my favorite priest about immediate preparation to join in January. I’m delaying because of my commitments at the non-catholic church with offices i hold until Dec 31.

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