Transportation of the Blessed Sacrament


How should the Blessed Sacrament be transported. I don’t wish to use a small pyx. I want to bring a small covered ciborium. Is this okay? This is for a care home.


Discuss this matter with your Pastor. Only he can give you a definitive answer as to what is correct and proper.


When I took the Holy Communion to a larger group ( 5 - 10 persons) in a Nursing Home or to the Hospital, the Priest told me he had a large Pyx – about the size of your hand, which he uses for the same purpose. Most Parishes seem to have them for the Priest when he needs to take several Hosts out for Homebound, Nursing Home or Hospital. Have never seen one for sale, but borrowed the one from the Sacristy, then returned it to the Priest the same day so he’d have in in event of emergency. Ask your Priest about it. They are much more expensive, so there is usually just one or two to a Parish.


The problem with a ciborium is that typically the cover just sits on the rim. In a pyx, the cover latches or fastens down in some secure way – much better for transporting the Eucharist.


Why don’t you want to use a pyx? They are designed specifically for transporting the Eucharist. I visit a care home once a month and use a smaller pyx. It holds 5 hosts. I sometimes have to split a host, either because the person doesn’t swallow well or so that I can visit more people. However, a slightly larger pyx can be easily ordered from a catholic supply or gift shop. Mine was given to me, so I’m happy with it.


What you want is a larger pyx (which someone already mentioned). They come in varying sizes, and many are easily larger than a ciborium (holding 100-200 hosts). This is best because it will keep the Blessed Sacrament more secure, with less of a chance of spills. It’s also advisable to use a burse for a pyx, which is a pouch the pyx fits in which is worn around the neck. It’ll keep the pyx close, and decrease the chance of dropping it.


Your pastor is in charge of the sacramental life of the parish and he is definitely in charge of how consecrated hosts are transported. You would NOT be permitted to use anything but a pyx, preferably with a burse. As earlier mentioned, there are larger pyx or you can bring 2 if you need more room.
Since you are doing this with the permission of the pastor, ask him or the person he has designated to oversee this activity how he wants you to handle this


Autom sells those by mail. They are called hospital pyxes and they are not expensive, at least from Autom.


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