Transsexual Lutheran pastor?


I find it hard to believe this is real…


Understandable guess, but apparently Lutheran.


Your thread title appears to be mistaken. The article says a Lutheran church.


I wonder if Luther can see the results of his work and regrets it.


That would be one heck of a punishment…

I don’t think he intended any of this, though


Well, it is the 400 year (or 500) anniversary of the Reformation.

It’s been quite a reform. It took that long to get to this point.

It’s good to see that that church is keeping up with the times (bad joke…it’s not good).


The Church does not need to get with the times… the times need to get with the Church


that would never occur in the Catholic Church, unless it was a conspiracy and kept secret.


Amen! We are the ONE Church in over 2000 years that has stayed solid, True and faithful to the Church Jesus Christ started. Why would we need to change. The world can go in tens of thousands of wrong directions but we don’t have to follow it. We follow Jesus and we will be OK!


Even from a Catholic, your comment seems meritless


God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


Why’s that? It’s something I’d very much like to ask him.


Or for some Christians, they believe they have come to a growing and new understanding of an infinite God. So it’s not really surprising that it has taken this long since all humans have finite minds with limited understanding of an infinite Being.


Confessional Lutherans who still adhere to Luther’s teachings are disgusted by these sorts of developments.




They seem like good prospects to bring back into the fold of Christ’s Church then :grin:


I noticed that too late, sorry! For some reason I had Epsicopalian on my mind. :slight_smile:


I think Luther would would be far less charitable to this than he was to Leo X.
But blaming him for this is just polemic and ludicrous.


Obviously he’s not directly to blame. But it is a direct result of him fracturing Christendom. If he knew the results of what he started I do believe he’d have probably kept many opinions to himself.


Then don’t blame him.

No, it’s not. Let’s remember, first of all, that the Catholic Church has been involved in fractures of the Church 500 years before Luther.
Secondly, this is a result of NOT following the the Lutheran Confessions and historic Christianity.
For decades, the ELCA has been “LINO”, Lutheran in name only.
But if you want to have an idea how it has impacted the Catholic Church, there’s lots of information on the seminaries. Take a look

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