Transsexual Lutheran pastor?


They’re already there.


As offensive and uncharitable as it is rediculous.


Had he not led the revolt against the church there wouldn’t be a Lutheran Church ordaining transgendered people. While he is not to blame for the actions of the current Lutheran Church he is to blame for laying the foundational stones of heresy these decisions are built on. I’ve merely wondered if he’d make the same choices over again knowing the outcome. I don’t think he would have.


I rather keep with the rich traditions and wisdom of 2000 years, than concede to any new ideology of these horrific times…

May God have mercy on all our souls :latin_cross:

This pastor needs our prayers too


Go ahead :man_dancing:t2:


Maybe I should actually seek out a member of the ELCA and see if they would say they are LINO.


So these human beings with finite minds have a better understanding of an infinite being than people with finite minds of the other opinion. And for what reason?


Did I say that? Don’t put words into my mouth. The bottom line is it comes down to faith and what a believer believes. Humans can say they know but they can’t get to the point of believing they know without faith.


If I ever win the loto, I’m putting that on billboards nation wide !


You said:

In response to:

Should I understand your comment instead as support for (rather than criticism of) what Bon_Croix said? :man_shrugging:


Neither since all I said is they have come to believe. And they have. It’s their understanding today. It may not be yours and that’s fine too.


That much is obvious. It could’ve gone unsaid and we all would have known this anyways. The fact of the matter is that support for things like this weren’t big until recently. It’s a relatively modern phenomenon rooted in “keeping up with the times” (which seems redundant, but I feel the need to emphasize). These opinions don’t come from care for God and His truth, they come from desiring to bring the secular into the Sacred- and that’s not OK.


Your opinion and yes that is the view of your faith.


Sure. Go ahead. By the way, the Utrecht Union churches say they are Catholic.


I doubt he sees it now. But maybe he was shown the results when he was judged. If he was, I hope he regretted it.


And if the Catholic Church had not allowed, even permitted the abuses and corruption that led to Luther, same thing.
These are not the outcomes of Luther alone. The Catholic Church was the incubator of the Reformation


No, flawed men committed abuses against the churches teachings. Luther should have worked for reform within the Church like others before him had done, not broken away from it.


No,no and no


Sorry. It takes two to tango. The Church hierarchy at the time was equally to blame. Maybe the reason some others didn’t was because they didn’t want to end up like Huss.


Well if you’re citing Huss as some sort of martyr for a just cause then I’m not even going to bother continuing this discussion.

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