Transsexual prisoner wins move to women's jail

The Guardian:

Transsexual prisoner wins move to women’s jail

A transsexual serving life for manslaughter and attempted rape committed while she was a man is to be moved to a women’s jail after the high court ruled that holding her in a male prison was a violation of her human rights.

The 27-year-old prisoner, who can be identified only as A, was described by her lawyer as “a woman trapped inside a man’s body”. She is serving an automatic “two strikes” life sentence after being convicted of the manslaughter of her male partner in 2001, and of the attempted rape of a female stranger five days after her release from her five-year manslaughter sentence.

According to her legal team, the attempted rape was linked to her frustration at the authorities’ refusal to help her qualify for full gender reassignment surgery. Her life sentence tariff – the minimum period she must serve before being considered for parole – expired in 2007

I’m sure the victim feels better that the attempted rape was nothing personal, just a protest.

Since when is it the responsibility of authorities to provide “gender reassignment surgery”?

Evidently the inmates of the asylum are supervising the inmates of the prisons.

I feel sorry for the women in that prison that this man is going to. Obviously their safety is of no concern to those in charge. This man attempted to rape a woman once, what’s to say he won’t try it again and succeed?

Hmmmm…A boy wants to be a girl? Tries to rape a girl? Gets caught - put in a boys prison? A judge says to move to a girl prison so “A” can get an operation to be a girl?

I think I’m getting a gender identity crisis headache.

Deeper problems than their gender identity issues. The article isn’t exactly clear on the timeline, but it sounds like the attempted rape was before she started hormone therapy, in which case it may be safer since her testosterone levels are down and estrogen levels are up. Difficult situation, it’s hard to know what human authorities should do.

Why do you call him her? It isn’t a female. It’s a male. dispite what he thinks or feels he is, he is now and will for ever more be a male. No matter what they cut off or sew on. And i don’t know what the Human authorities should do. Maybe it isn’t a job for us earthlings, But a higher power. like the martians or something?

Well, God, but I guess martians or something would also work, if they wanted the responsibility. Might make it easier on us!

I call the prisoner “her” because I try to be sensitive to gender identity issues. It’s never affected me personally. I know what I am. Other people are not so lucky. Sex isn’t changed by what is cut off or sewn on, but I believe gender is a constellation of social expectations and constructions and biological mechanisms that can leave someone very, very confused, especially if the matrix resolves in a way that leaves them thinking they’re strangers in their own body. That must be a horribly frightening, frustrating, hopeless experience, and I try to be sensitive to that. If calling him “her” eases her way into peace with herself and with Heaven, then I’m not going to deny them that. You will probably disagree with my conception of gender, and I respect that. I wish I had the wisdom to perceive things more clearly. I’m not being sarcastic. Hence my comment about “human authorities”.

The women will be safe as long as he continues to take his drugs. If he doesn’t he has set himself up to rape as many women as he wants. And when he gets caught, he can claim he only did it because they didn’t do the surgery fast enough or on his schedule.

I get the feeling that dangerous precedence is being established based upon sexual orientation. These seem to be overriding the treatment of convicted criminals of ‘normal’ for lack of a better descriptor ] male or female. Because of this precedence - it will be used globally.

Can’t afford sex reassignment procedures…commit a crime against society.

Any other convicted criminal would not have their name withheld from records…i.e. “A”.

The Court cited the UN “Human Dignity” clauses. Albeit I uphold Human dignity…I can not see where a person who has twice gone against others human dignity should be allowed to use this for personal gain. A’s dignity can be upheld without catering above others.

As always, just my thoughts

talk about a lose-lose situation

if this person goes to the women’s prison, he/she can rape again
if he/she stays in the men’s prison, he/she can get raped
nothing more appealing to some inmates i guess than a man that looks like a woman


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