Transsexual Returns to Original Gender After Relationship With Christ

Walt Heyer says that no one can really change their gender. He should know, too, because he’s tried.

When he was only about five years old, Heyer’s grandmother began to dress him as if he were a girl and even made a dress just for him. The result was a very confused little boy. “I look at it today as being pretty abusive. While it seemed very benign at the time, and maybe even playful, I can see today…that it was really abusive to my psyche,” he told The Christian Post on Wednesday.

Praise be to God! This is just proof that transgenderism and transsexuals do have hope which can be found in Christ.

The news article is two years old. Is there more recent news concerning Walt Heyer?

Gosh, that is a tough one. Setting the church’s teaching aside for a moment, the idea that a gender identity can be separate from a sexual identity certainly is within the realm of possibility. Gender is the role we assign the sexes. And perhaps this identity can go beyond psychological and social. The body can produce both sets of genetalia, so it is possible tha one can be caught in the body of the opposite sex. There is also the concept of the “third sex” of which I have only heard about but have not studied it in great detail.

I am not sure if there is any catechism on this either… does anyone know where this would of been dealt with in our catechism?

This person has an interesting story and it should be heard, but statistically he is the exception. Other transexuals have a relationship with the Lord as well and they are not looking back. So, not to read too much into this one case. I also wonder if there is any newer material on this or if there are others…cause if this is true, this is an exciting break through not just of Christianity but for the sanity and mental health of those suffering from this disconnected existence lived in the transsexual life.

The soul of the person is what we should be concerned about, the spirit of the individual as that soul and spirit are not misplaced, and that is where our emphasis should be…those are just thoughts that come to my mind as I respond…


If you google him, you’ll find tons of current stuff.

He also writes a blog:

I certainly respect this man’s history of abuse and how it made him confused over the issue. However, I have multiple problems with generalizing this:

a) His blog discusses how scientific evidence somehow ‘disproves’ the idea that transsexuals have an intersex genetic condition, when every recent study:

…actually suggests there is a biological basis to transsexualism that has everything to do with genetics and pre-natal androgen exposure.

b) Most transsexuals are not abused as children, and the only torment they faced as kids is that of either bullying (due to their gendered behavior) or internal torment over a mismatch of genitalia/hormones and gender.

c) The vast, vast, vast majority of transsexuals greatly improve post-hormonally/post-surgically, and the suicide rate drastically crashes post-surgery.

I appreciate this man’s dedication to the Lord, but I think this man is wrong to generalize his abusive experience and the effects of it to that of a typical, unabused transsexual. I also think it wrong for him to claim things that I disproved in about 30 seconds of searching.

Really good post. This man is not typical of trans people. In my previous professional life, I was responsible for reviewing (amongst other cases) requests from (and medical records of) trans people for NHS funding for treatment. This is a complex, real and very sad issue for the individuals involved.

We had a guy in our school that was dressed and treated like a girl until he was old enough to go to school. He was a real mess psychologically but I don’t know what happened to him. His twisted mother’s excuse? She already had a son, was too old to give birth again, and wanted her 2nd child to be a girl. Her behavior was extremely selfish and bordered on insane.

Hey everyone. I apologize for the article being really old. I didn’t realize it was such an old article when I posted it. I was browsing the Christian Post and noticed the article linked on the side and assumed it was new. Sorry about that. :blush:

I agree with you.
His difficulty and confusion seems to be from a specific kind of mental/emotional abuse targeted toward gender from his family. Had they dressed him up as Peter Pan and made him only feel loved that way, he may have ended up with a Peter Pan complex.
Just sayin’.


Some of my local news stations online divisions pull that trick on people too. You never see the date until you go there or until you read the comments.

All well, at least I can offer it up. :slight_smile:

This article doesn’t remotely prove that believing in Christ will “cure” transgender people.

To be fair, he said that there is hope for them in Christ; which is true.

I didn’t say that. I said it is proof that they have hope.

This, is a more recent and relevant example for younger adults.

Internet sensation Antoine Dodson, after choosing to live a life in Christ, now has a wife and child and is living a heterosexual lifestyle.

He’s a “Hebrew Israelite” which is a bizarre combinations of Christianity and Judaism mashed together.

Well Christianity and Judaism do go together. I am a member of the body of the heir to David. Of course, there is a serious defect if that Christianity isn’t Catholic.

I’ve met Hebrew Israelites and they are basically “black people are the real Jews” and also tend to have a black supremacist streak.

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