During the distribution of the Eucharist and the Blood of Christ if some of the Blood of Christ is spilled on the floor does it remain the Blood of Christ? Also do all small particles of the Eucharist remain the Body of Christ forever? If so what are the correct procedures for dealing with each instance?



I know that there are correct procedures for this, but I don’t know the details. Perhaps someone will chime in.

In the case of the precious blood - you purify the floor in the same way as you would a chalice. In the case of Crumbs of the Host, if possible you consume them, then purify the place where they fallen.

Personally after I received the Host in the palm of my hand I look to see whether any crumbs are left there - normally there aren’t any but if there are I would consume them immediately with my tongue.

It remains as long as the accidents of bread and wine remain.

Consecrated particles misplaced are to be collected as well as the blood of Christ and consumed or disposed of properly. (They are given a burial in soil, not the sewer or garbage.) Once the bread and wine can no longer be distinguished as bread and wine, they no longer subsist.

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