Transvestism in theatre?

So transvestism is not allowed according to the CCC. However, how does this apply to theatre and costumes? Is it wrong for a girl to play a man’s role in a play and dress accordingly? I don’t mean like a social commentary on gender roles play, I mean a play where there are way too many male parts to fill them all with boys, so girls have to fill in or the play can’t be performed.
My school is putting on a play that calls for an all-male cast, but of course at least some of those male roles will be played by females. Partly because definitely not enough boys will try out, and partly because there would be a literal riot if only boys were cast. I would like to either act in it, and play a male role, or work in costume design. I’m pretty active in the school theatre community and it would be really, really sad for me to have to miss out on this - I’ve been looking forward to it for so long. What should I do?

Transvestism is a sexual fetish.

Dressing up in the theater to play various parts, disguise oneself, etc., is not a sexual fetish.

Do you really not see a difference?

Your posts as a whole seem to point to scrupulosity issues, what you should do is get some counseling from your priest.

Dressing up for a role is not being a transvestite.
When women were not allowed in plays/theatre, it was the men who dressed up and played the female roles. This is nothing new.

Acting out a role in a dramatic presentation is hardly the same as acting out a sexual fetish or attempting to deceive people about your gender.

^ :thumbsup: I will save myself some typing, and simply say I AGREE!

I know that I have a tendency towards scrupulosity but this is really not one of those times. I just want to make things very clear and certain because once I agree to play a role I can’t back out. I’m kinda new to Catholicism so sometimes the exact meanings of words and rules are unclear.

Transvestism is indeed normally a fetish, and as a fetish, it is almost exclusively found among heterosexual males.

I do not remember the Catechism of the Catholic Church saying anything about transvestism specifically. Could someone provide a cite?

Read posts above. However, in the past, this was not necessarily known, and the wearing of clothes considered appropriate to the opposite sex was expressly forbidden, unless done out of necessity.

In fact, one of the charges against St. Joan of Arc at her excommunication trial (which, of course, was later overturned on appeal after her execution due to it being politically motivated), was that she wore men’s clothing. Of course, she was merely wearing soldier’s armor as her position was a military one, and then, later, when captured, wore her armor because she had been molested in prison and was afraid of being raped. In other words, she wore men’s clothing out of necessity, not out of desire. But she was charged regardless.

True, and an interesting point - today, how can a woman “dress like a man?” Wear jeans? Shorts? A plaid shirt? Men can obviously dress as women (dresses, skirts, etc.), but can a woman dress as a man (as a fetish)? hmmmm :confused:

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