Trappists Silent?


I'm looking into the Trappist order, and I have a couple of questions especially about how silent they are. Are they allowed to talk always? If not when are they allowed to talk? Apparently they don't take a vow of silence, but my Mother, who visits a Trappist monastery for retreats sometimes, Said they talk very little.


Have you seen this documentary, "Into Great Silence?"

I don't know that much about Trappists a a whole, but the monks in this film observe austere silence.


P.S. the monks in Into Great Silence are Carthusian, not Trappist.


Oops, my bad.


It is never allowed for the religious to speak amongst themselves, though the one in charge of a work or employment may give necessary directions; and all have the right of conversing with the superiors at any time, except during the night hours, called the “great silence”.

From the article on Trappists in the Catholic Encyclopedia

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No your fault! It is confusing! God bless


I have visited two Trappist Monasteries, spent a month in one as an observer and they primarily keep silent through out the day for contemplative reasons…There are special places and rooms where you can talk but silence is kept in most of the areas.


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