Trashing Luther

Theological hobbyists of a hyper-Catholic sort continue to misconstrue Luther’s “errors.” Oh, I hardly think he was error-free, but (having recently been one) I know Lutherans who pretty much think he was essentially infallible. But I also know Catholics (me having recently become one) who are of the opinion he was devilish at best and, at his worst, out to destroy the Church.

Neither extreme will do, yet examples keep coming. I just ran across one by a respected lay Catholic blogger, one who is also a friend, so I won’t include links to the page. I want to preserve some feeling here.


Thank you, my friend.


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I admit that I tend to neglect First Things these days, but that’s a very good article. :thumbsup:

Very good article

Good article. If we don’t like it when non-Catholics make claims about the Church that aren’t true, we shouldn’t be doing the same thing to Luther.

That’s a good starting point in both directions


Just to be clear:
“Trashing Luther” is the title of the ARTICLE.

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Now just wait a minute here. I have all sorts of funny slurs that I have thought up to trash Luther. You mean I have to swallow them and keep quiet?:banghead:

Oh! So it wasn’t an invitation?:blush:

If we are supposed to be loving our neighbor then we shouldn’t be trashing them. Trashing people, alive or dead, is not an exercise of loving ones neighbor.

Well, ok, just a few…if they’re funny.


Who has needed an invitation? :confused::smiley:


I have been pretty good at reading about Luther honestly he was extemely anti-Semitic, had a bad anger problem, was self rightous, I have actually wondered if her was mentally ill. He carved scripture into his kitchen table in anger in front of his wife and kids. He also was obsessed with going to the bathroom.

I think he was a mad man who was a pawn of northern German Lords, Kings, and Barrons

Bibelkavenmitderkinder was a traditional German pastime

He also was obsessed with going to the bathroom.

Good thing too! He ate almost a quarter of a caw, three chickens, and an unknowable quantity of smelt every week.



Catholics trashing Luther? Say it isn’t so.

"Theological hobbyists of a hyper-Catholic sort continue to misconstrue Luther’s ‘errors.’”

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“Russell E. Saltzman is a former Lutheran pastor, transitioning to the Roman Catholic Church.”

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