I feel like I’m always on here complaining, and I’m sorry if it’s getting to be annoying. It’s just, something happened this evening that was quite disturbing and has shaken me up quite a bit.

Long story short, I’m on a dating website where I clearly have stated my Catholic values. Well, I got this message from a guy, who was a good deal older than me, but I figured it would not be a huge deal to just give it a shot and talk to him. He added me on Skype and soon made his intentions known; he wanted to strip in front of the webcam, and I’m sure he wanted me to do the same!

I told him off and signed out…but I still feel so icky and traumatized. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I know men like that exist…but I’d never thought I would come in such close contact with one.

Please pray for me. I know I will soon get over it, but the college semester begins for me tomorrow and I already have enough stress on my mind.

Thanks so much for listening to my mindless blathering.

Love and blessings,


You know, it’s hard when people do things to you on the internet! I’m so sorry, but, yes, there are guys who are creeps, as I bitterly know. Just be careful who you agree to talk with, and you did the right thing.
You go, girl, and I know God will watch out for you tom.! Praying for us both, don’t worry.
Mindless blathering! :slight_smile: You should listen to me for about two minutes…you can email me if you want to talk more about it, I’ll be there. :thumbsup:

Since he had an account, you should report him to the online service. They will likely block him and his IP Address so he can’t open another account.

Do your best to stop him from doing this to other women. And if you can leave a comment on his page, do so!

To bad you didn’t record it. You could have paid him back with a youtube posting. He would have deserved that.

What a pig!

Maybe you should take this as a “lesson learned.” :o

The internet is not a safe place. People lie and they can hide behind their user name. Maybe you can get to know the people a little better before you Skype. :shrug:


Sorry that happened to you, it must be terribly unnerving!

report him to the original dating web site and have him blocked. Maybe you should just try to stick with Catholic only dating web sites and use it as a lesson learned.

My daughter believes everything that happens to us is sent by God or used by Him. Take it as a warning as you meet guys of all ages and backgrounds, no matter how they seem, until you know them well, you do not let yourself be alone with them in a vulnerable place. It is not that you must be suspicious of all, but that you protect yourself. BTW, for some, esp because you stated you were Catholic and said your values, the thrill for him comes from you being upset and telling him off.

And you might not want to let out enough info online that anyone can add you on Skype without your permission.

It is understandable that you are feeling traumatized.

I’m very sorry that this happened to you. A similar experience happened to me on Facebook when a creep made his intentions known to me as well and since then, I have been praying for protection. I have an idea: have you ever asked St. Isidore of Seville (patron saint of the Internet) for protection from people like that? If you haven’t, then now would be a good time to try.

Anyways, I said a prayer for you to God through the Sacred Heart of Jesus :hug3:

You really do compain alot!! are you telling me your traumatized from a man stripping? There are little children in africa who dont have food, nor parents to feed them it, yet they still smile!!! God help you, if you were a child of the Lord you would forgive and stay upright in the lord!!

Whether we agree with someone’s complaints or not is hardly the point. We are called to be charitable and to teach one another with love. There is no “if” in terms of being a child of the Lord. We all are. In the future on this forum, I would kindly recommend you avoid personal attacks such as this. It’s one thing to speak your mind, but it is another to be unkind. :slight_smile:

So what, you think it would be normal for an eighteen/nineteen year old to be okay watching a man strip?? :eek: Seriously??

OP, I agree you should report this guy to the original dating site so he can’t do this to other girls as well. I know this is said to death, but you really do need to be extra careful online since you really don’t know the person, and whether what they tell you is true or not. That being said, I do know someone who met his wife via a dating site and they’ve been married for over 10 years. So, I hope it works out for you :slight_smile:


If this was a non-Catholic dating site you used, I’m honestly not surprised.

I’m sorry you went through that. I agree that you should report him too.

Don’t worry you’re not complaining! :wink:

There are enough kind people… “Those who spare the rod, hate their children, but the one who loves their child disciplines them diligently.” Proverbs 13:24!! There are enough kind people on this site…its time for someone to speak the uncomfortable truth! This is not an attack…was Jesus attacking the pharisees when he called them hypocrits, snakes, dogs??? wake up to yourself please!

It is merely a temptation and a test from God!!! God lets satans children do sexually seducing things infront of his children to see if they are worthy of entering his kingdom…stop having a cry and allow the Lord to test his children!! It is ok if the lord has let it be,because he refines us like Gold is refined in fire!! God help you!

Sorry, I agree that you are being rude. Yes, Christ spoke to the Pharisees that way–He has authority over them. You should let women take care of the women, and stick to “speaking uncomfortable truths” to men.

God does not test His children by putting sexual temptation in front of them; He may allow them to fall to expose their pride, but that is different. If you read books about spiritual combat, *lust is the sin one does not test: *when one struggles with patience, one must plan how to deal with a situation which has caused trouble in the past and deal with it, one must “practice” patience by being in that situation and dealing with it.

But when it comes to lust, one must guard one’s senses and leave. One does not “practice” chastity in the same way at all.


u have no knowledge in you whatsoever…St Charbel (Maronite saint) was tested with women who wanted to marry, and do sexual things with him during his whole lifetime!! i could go on all day but your not worth it because you choose to ignore the truth. I have authority as well as it comes to me from God! The son takes after his Father in Heaven!!

You do not understand that women’s reactions are different from those of men. This would not be a tempting event but a horrible event for a young woman.


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