Travel Communion Kit?


My priest visited me during my recent hospital stay. While he was there, he did a sort of mini mass with me. Since I’m not confirmed, he didn’t anoint me with oil nor did I take communion. He just used some holy water and prayed with me, etc.

He had a little kit with him, small enough to fit in his inside jacket pocket. I don’t really remember too many details but it was small yet not tiny. I know he had a little purple stole, (little being not as long or wode, more like a wide satin ribbon).

Does anyone know what this kit is called? It had everything necessary to immediately receive me into the Church if I suddenly became very ill, but was also appropriate for visiting a shut-in parishioner like me. He told me he did have the wine, communion supplies, etc. in this little package. When I try to look it up, all I find are larger travel Mass kits, not this pocket sized one. He mentioned his was very inexpensive and not “the super nice type that some of the older priests have”. He is very traditional but just ordained for a year, so he doesn’t have a lot of these types of things.

Any suggestions? My RCIA class would like to give him a Thank you gift and we’re having a hard time because only two of us have seen the kit and neither of us remember it well enough.

Thank you for your help and if you think I’d get a better response in a different forum, please let me know



I have never seen such a thing either and I am a cradle Catholic…I am interested to learn what it is.


Its called a portable or travel communion kit or Communion Sets, Sick Call Sets & Home Mass Kits .

I would suggest doing a search as prices vary depending on what you are looking for. Maybe some other posters will be able to recommend a reasonable supplier.

Hope this helps


Priests carry consecrated hosts in a pyx, a small metal container, to sick Catholics. They typically also carry holy water for blessings and blessed oil for the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. I am no expert on this. Perhaps you could ask an older priest?

(I wouldn’t use the term mini-Mass. He prayed with you and gave you a blessing. It is not the same as a Mass where he consecrates the Eucharist)


A good supplier is the following:


What a lovely idea! Frequently, newly ordained priests don’t have all the things they use in ministry right from the get go. we have a lot of new priests from South America, and their families don’t have money for all the vestments, the chalice, and things such as a Mass kit or a kit for anointing the sick. It’s a great idea! Useful, and thoughtful. Priests take these kits on vacation with them as well…for personal use.
God bless!


We got something similar for a friend who was ordained. We had offered to get him vestments, but he said that his family and the local KofC Council were providing sufficient for him.

He did indicate that he could use a kit like that one, so that is what we got him


The one with the tiny glasses is not for Catholic use at all! That is very Protestant.
A lot if not all the time when giving Holy Communion to the sick the Sacred Host is given from just a pyx.


At one time families were encouraged to keep one in their homes. It was usually in a cross. I have one and I inherited one.


That is called a sick call crucifix or set. The crucifix opens and inside are candles, a holy water bottle and cotton balls.



There are 2 different types of “kits” you might consider.

One is a “sick call set” that will have a white/violet stole (white for Communion, violet for Confession and Anointing), an oil stock (metal container marked OI for the Oil of the Infirm), a pyx for communion and probably a bottle for Holy Water and a crucifix. The only “given” here is the stole. These aren’t standardized, so different manufacturers make them different ways.

The other is a traveling Mass kit. This one will have (almost) everything he needs for Mass. The main difference is that the Mass kit will have a chalice and paten. While they are portable, they are by no means pocket-sized. They all vary according to how many items they do or don’t have—example, some have small bottles for water & wine; some have a small missal; some have candles.

Try this link

Here’s a very nice “traveling” chalice. It’s about as small as it can be.
The quality is not “first rate” but it’s acceptable, and the small size makes up for that.

Church goods stores across the US all deal with the same wholesale suppliers—that means that it’s almost a given that what you find in one store (or online) will be available from another, and at roughly the same price. I chose that particular link because their website seems to have most of the kits available in the US, and it was easy to see them all at once.

I can make a related suggestion also.
There is a clerical clothing store called S D McGreevy & Associates in Overland Park, Kansas. The area code is 401, and they are located on W 119th Street. They do not have a website or I would post it. I’m not sure if I can post their phone # here and stay within forum rules, so I won’t. If you do an internet search for their name, you will find it easily enough.
The reason I mention them is that they have a special Sick Call (or Confession) stole which they import from Rome. It is the same stole used by priests at the Vatican (ok, not every priest, every time, but it’s popular there). It’s a very nice, excellent quality stole; and they are very popular with priests who can get them. If you call them and ask for the “Vatican Confession stole” they will know exactly what you want. They are reasonably priced too. The put all other “ribbon” stoles to shame. I wish I had a pic to post.


Sorry :imsorry:. I checked that the site was Catholic but either someone must have made a mistake and I compounded the error. I stand (actually I am sitting) corrected. Thank you.


No need to say that.

Most Church goods sellers have both Catholic and non-Catholic products—even the strictly Catholic ones (like those operated by diocese, no less). The wholesalers send them product information and they simply reproduce the wholesalers images.


As a follow-up on the “Vatican stole” (just a nickname).

The information for the S D McGreevy Clerical Clothier is now posted in the Lit. & Sac. Sticky; the one with the links to Church suppliers. It’s the last post as of today.


I’m very sorry, I meant no disrespect at all :imsorry: I’m new at this and still learning the correct terminology, how everything works, etc. It’s no excuse though and I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone.

I was taking heavy medication in my IV so I don’t remember a homily, and I thought that the homily is part of what’s included when the word “mass” is used. Again, my apologies.


Thank you very much for your links and information, so incredibly helpful! Our budget is about $500, maybe a bit more, but we’re also including a couple that has mentored all of us (attends every class and provides snacks - we’re buying them a nice dinner), another priest (the parish pastor who has filled in a few times) and three deacons. I think we are going to just give them all cards with nice thank you notes from each candidate, maybe everyone will be willing to pray for each one in a specific way and write that in their note, but the gift is really for our priest who has taught the class. I don’t know, it’s all new to us and we want to be respectful but show how thankful and appreciative we are.


**I tried to edit the post but it wouldn’t allow me because I type slowly, so here is a better explanation **

I’m very sorry, I meant no disrespect at all :imsorry: I’m new at this and still learning the correct terminology, how everything works, etc. It’s no excuse though and I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone.

I was taking heavy medication in my IV so I don’t remember everything exactly. He prayed, did some readings, a very short homily, some prayers required responses, a type of confession where he asked me to think about things that I might need to ask for forgiveness for a moment. Except for the fact that I didn’t receive the Eucharist, it felt very much like mass… just shorter. Again, my apologies.


What a great idea and thoughtful of your RCIA group! God bless you all on your journey.


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