Traveling Preachers


At my college, there are people that protest at my school called pejoratively "turn or burners," mainly anti-Catholic KJV-only groups that travel to college campuses and other places to "preach."

While I do not agree with their message in any sense, their events have stirred up much discussion of God and religion on my campus that would not have ocurred without their presence.

Is their any current Catholic organization or religious order that fulfills this role of "traveling preacher" and if so, where can I go to get more information concerning it?


Legion of Mary groups at your local parish sometimes go door-to-door in the neighborhood. Ask around if you'd like to get involved.


Obviously the Order of Friars-Preachers fulfills this role in a consecrated fashion. Your best bet is to look at the Dominican Order from the viewpoint of Third Order laity. They are not consecrated brothers and sisters, but share in the spiritual family of St. Dominic. Primarily, the Order exists to study philosophy, theology, scripture, history, science, human events, and life in general, and to contemplate God in that study. Passing on the fruits of this philosophical and theological contemplation, specifically through preaching, is the very heart of the Order of Brothers Preachers.

As a secular/lay Dominican, I believe you would be able to live and preach wherever you like. :slight_smile: It is the premiere lay-Catholic itinerant preaching institution, the Third Order of St. Dominic!


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