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Are there any religious orders or groups that go from place to place, conducting Mass and/or administering the sacraments?

I had a friend who jokingly said I should become a priest that goes from one truck stop to another, but it got me wondering if there are any such groups that travel. Does anyone know of any?


There are missionary priests that travel widely within certain areas.

In order to validly celebrate Mass, hear confessions, etc, within any Diocese, a Priest must have faculties, approved by the Bishop, or be a member of a Community that is allowed to function within that Diocese.

No priest can just "do their own thing". They MUST function as a part of the whole.


The Dominicans are known as itinerant preachers, meaning that they are generally sent where they are needed. I personally know Fr. Nic Austriaco who got a Ph.D. in Biology from MIT, who is a Professor at Providence College, and travels all over the world preaching and speaking.

Does this help?



The Fathers of Mercy is a congregation of Priests whose primary apostolate is that of preaching parish missions.


Alot of order priests have different areas of responsibilities that may require them to move. In our parish from our beginnings we have had Redemptorists. Redemptorists mostly ministered to the poor and specifically poor African-American communities. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of priests in their order specifically they are being pulled out of our area and reorganized. So, travelling orders probably not in a keep your bags packed mobile way but, yes in the fact that they may not stay in one area forever.


Wow, do you go to St. Joseph’s or St. Mary’s? I go to St. Mary’s…I’ve been talking to Fr. Sousa and have been receiving spiritual direction from him.



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You might want to look into the Capuchin Franciscan Friars of the Mid-America Province. I was fortunate enough to meet Fr. Simeon Gallagher a few months ago during our parish mission and he, and other friars in his order, are gifted with the task of traveling all over to different parishes for missions and they celebrate Mass while they are there, most of the time.

Capuchin Friars of the Province of Mid-America

Interesting fact:

These friars have set up centers within shopping malls for counseling and evangelization! :D



That is really awesome! Amazing website, too, especially the photo near the Pope.


[quote="DrFloyd, post:6, topic:231459"]
Wow, do you go to St. Joseph's or St. Mary's? I go to St. Mary's...I've been talking to Fr. Sousa and have been receiving spiritual direction from him.


Sorry for the late response. I got to St. Joseph's in Buckroe. I like Father Sousa. He is great. Everytime I have any type of issues I shoot him an e-mail. Very hard working man as are the rest. Just a few priests covering a couple of churches.


The Fathers of Mercy do a lot of traveling. They travel from parish to parish doing Missions and also stress the sacrament of reconcilliation. I've met some wonderful priests associated with the Fathers of Mercy.


Everyone, thank you for your responses. One of my good friends who knows all about my discernment process (she’s put up with me talking about it for at least 14 years) told me her husband said “whatever he does, he needs to travel”. They know me quite well.

I emailed the vocations director at the Fathers of Mercy – I am driving out to Oklahoma this summer to visit those friends, and I am thinking of stopping at the Fathers of Mercy house in Kentucky on my way back…it’s on my way.

I am also interested in the Alexian brothers…and they have a house in Chattanooga, which I am also driving past this summer. I think the charism of the Fathers of Mercy is more in line with me, though.

Side note…I attended College Misericordia in Dallas, PA. The Fathers of Mercy have “misericordia” as part of their motto – coincidence? You decide. :slight_smile:


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