Traveling With a Nondenominational Christian group?

My friend travels with her church group and volunteers. Is it advisable to go on something like this or not? I dont plan on going anytime soon but just for future knowledge.

I would only travel with a Catholic group. A nondenominational Christian group may mean well, but they are still teaching error.

Going where to do what?

It is very helpful to have Catholic friends who are truly into their faith. Perhaps your parish, or a neighboring Catholic parish may have such a strong group.

May our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother lead you on your spiritual journey!

First of all, remember that the Catholic Church is THE non-denominational Church created by Christ.

There are too many unknown variables to make a judgment. What do they volunteer doing, exactly? Where do they go to? What are the teachings of their group?

As other people have mentioned, not much can be said without having more information about this group.

I would put it this way: If the group is going on a hike, or a weekend at the beach then yes, by all means go. If the group is going on a more “religous trip” then it might be better to not go, unless you are sure that the differences can be sorted out somehow.

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