We are leaving off this morning to finally visit my grandma. I posted about her several months ago, the one that was sick and has never met the kids, thanks for your prayers, we are finally able to go see her. Please keep us in your prayers again :slight_smile: Its a 24 hr drive (without kids/stops) and I’m worried about how the little ones will do since its the longest drive they have done, the oldest is 25 mo, youngest 10 mo. We didn’t fly for several reasons. I’m just hoping and praying we make it back and forth before morning sickness kicks in for me also. Thanks!


Praying for your safe and fulfilling trip!


Here’s hoping this is one of those ‘family adventures’ that will make for great story sharing for years and years and years ! YAY FOR ROADTRIPS!


Praying for your safe (and sanity) and happy trip. God Bless and good riding. Sing it with me…

The wheels on the bus go round and round…


Thank you for your prayers!!! We arrived safely and sane!!! Gotta go now :slight_smile:


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