Travelling with boyfriend/girlfriend?

hey guys, so some students in my Spanish class were talking about this the other day and I hadn’t really given it much thought before since I’m not in this situation

what is the catholic perspective on travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

for example, they were talking about going to visit families of the people they were dating. where I live, we get a lot of international students so eventually, a local kid will date one. and if the family of the international student ever wants to meet their future potential son-in -law or daughter-in-law, it usually too expensive for them to come here.

would it be ok to go there and stay at the families house, if you get separate rooms or something?

what would you do? would you let yous son’s girlfriend stay at your house while they’re visitng, of you’re daughter’s boyfriend?

what about travelling in general? would be ok to go somewhere if you got separate rooms at a hotel? or in a group and the girls can share and the guys ccan share?

does something like this cause scandal, like cohabitation does?

and I’m still a bit confused on the whole scandal thing. when is it actually scandal and when is it just people being nosy? everyone assumes you’re having sex these days anywyas.

are they any other examples of scandal besides cohabitation?

thanks for any thoughts

If you had to travel abroad to meet the other person’s family and stayed at their house it would probably be OK as long as you didn’t stay in the same room.

Traveling in groups and having the boys stay in one room and the girls in another would probably be OK too.

Boy and girl traveling together and staying in a hotel? That’s a gray area. If they stayed in separate rooms that would probably be OK but it still might raise a few eyebrows.

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The only way to do this is with a trusted chaperone in my opinion. Separate sleeping arrangements need to be made for the “couple” such as the female stays with the chaperone (female) or the male with another man. Otherwise it is too likely that a state of scandal could arise or temptation get the better of the couple.

I am actually in favor of the old practice of dating with chaperone’s. Not that it is full proof, but it would contribute to less temptation as far as I am concerned.

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