Trayvon Martin: Before the world heard the cries

Maybe others have read most of this before, but I hadn’t seen some of these details, so just a bit more info about what may have happened the night Martin died, though who knows about the accuracy.

"Trayvon Martin: Before the world heard the cries

SANFORD, Florida (Reuters) - Tracy Martin had been looking for his son Trayvon since the night before. He went to bed figuring the teen must have gone to the movies and turned off his phone. When Trayvon still wasn’t home in the morning, Martin called the police."…

Blue excerpt from:

Yes, I’m familiar with this report.

Today is Holy Thursday.
Many prayers for all involved, including all posters.

Thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t seen such details before and thought I’d found something new since it was dated yesterday. Guess it is just a compilation of old news.

Very good. All involved certainly need prayers. I don’t know what happened and I don’t what to believe at this point, but thinking the best of all in charity is a wise approach.

I heard Alveda King say Trayvons death was a “late abortion”. She continued to say, that Trayvons life was cut short, as were his hopes and dreams, and that of his family. I never heard it put that way. For me, it tied the life of all children of God, cut short by mans ignorance of His God, even more potent. Prayers for all… who are effected by these circumstances.

How could his death be called a late abortion? The tendency to relate every abortion to tragedy is not always appropriate - this particular comparison sounds rather disrespectful, as implicit in the word ‘abortion’ is collusion of the mother.

I would agree with this… saying it that way makes it sound like his mother was somehow involved with his death…

Too late to edit my post above: mean to say “the tendency to relate every tragedy to abortion”…

This is every parent’s nightmare. I couldn’t continue reading the story after the second paragraph. How many of us have been exactly where Trayvon’s father was that night: waiting for your child to check in, getting angry at him for turning off his cell phone, imagining the worse, and then experiencing that intense feeling of relief when you finally hear your child’s voice once again… only Tracy Martin never did get that last part.

According to this absurd “stand your ground” law, Trayvon Martin would have been justified in killing George Zimmerman. He would have been acting perfectly within his rights to have smashed the guys head to a pulp on the concrete of the sidewalk. **If I were Trayvon’s parents, I would wish he had. **

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin are better people than I. They have shown the same sort of dignity and courage that characterizes so many of our African-American citizens throughout the hundreds of years of oppression they have experienced in this nation. I believe they should be held in the same sort of honor as Mamie Till Bradley, the mother of Emmett Till, who with great courage insisted that the world see what a horror had been done to her son, her baby, because he was a black boy.

I cannot hear Sybrina Fulton speak without breaking into tears. All she is asking is for justice for her son. That means two things must happen: 1) George Zimmerman must be arrested and tried for manslaughter, 2) this law must be amended to clearly state that if you choose to pursue someone, you will be held fully accountable by the law for any escalation in violence that may occur and whatever consequences result.

I guess some people have no idea what justice means…

This is a little over the top…

I am no lawyer, but from what I have read that’s not the case. The stand your ground law doesn’t say if someone is following you then you have the right to kill them.

The fact is Zimmerman did not do anything illegal leading up to the altercation.

Zimmerman did not break the law by carrying a gun.
Zimmerman did not break the law by following Martin.
Zimmerman did not break the law by confronting Martin.
Zimmerman did not break the law by reporting Martin.

Poor judgment – maybe - but if that were enough to arrest someone we would need a lot more cells in this country.

With that said, the fault is with whoever initiated the physical altercation – which is still up for debate.
Zimmerman’s lawful actions prior to the altercation are no more culpable than Martin’s lawful actions.

The stand you r ground law in question states “A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any place where he or she has the right to be has not duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force…”

Seems to me the key is who attacked who – and merely confronting someone does not constitute an attack.

My prayers are with all those involved in this tragedy.

The media coverage in this case is all suspect for me now.

First they paint this picture of a racist Zimmerman hunting down the kid due to racial profiling and playing up the idea of him being a vigilante due to calling the police 45 times in 15 months in this supposedly upper class white gated community and the kid is just this perfect angel by putting up pictures of Zimmermans mug shot and Martins photo at 13.

I thought he should be arrested too, and that the kid was a victim of a vigilante.

Then it comes out that oh wait, it was really 45 called in 12 YEARS. And that the complex that Zimmerman is in is not upper class, not majority white, and has had numerous break ins. Oh and remember that 911 call where he volunteered that the kid was black. Oh that turned out to be edited to conveniently leave out the fact of the 911 dispatcher asking if the person being reported was white, black or hispanic. And then there is the edited police video of Zimmerman being taken into custody where they zoom in and the commentator claims there is no evidence of Zimmerman having a head injury.

Except that was edited too and they again conveniently left out the part of the video where the police officer is closely inspecting the back of Zimmermans head where you can see there is blood. Add in all the other stuff and they have basically lost any credibility with me.

And as for the fathers account. He wants me to believe that the cop basically told him all the evidence in their case and told him that he plans to try and catch Zimmerman in a lie? Maybe this cop is unique but that goes against my own experience in knowing police officers. On top of it the father brings the kid to spend the night with his girlfriend, leaves the kid at her place alone while he goes out for dinner with her and the kid never comes back all night and the father does nothing? Doesn’t go looking for the kid? Doesn’t call the police?

All these conflicting stories don’t add up.

Meet force with force…

Cement vs. gun. What’s the difference?

Not sure where you are going with that, but in light of my best guess I will offer the rest of the text from the line I previously posted:

“…including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary
to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another
or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

Terrible nightmare for the parents.

BUT… as far as the media/gossipmongers…someone on CAF wrote that the father had been looking for him for 3 days before the police admitted where he was. This was only 12 hours later, and immediately after the father first called the police.

Another example of false reports, slandering, hate mongering, manipulating, etc.

Look how the “facts” keep changing. Even the report that the lead detective wanted to arrest Zimmerman --a fact coming from lawyers–turned out to be false.

We shouldn’t be playing these games with people’s lives and reputations. It’s not Catholic. And I don’t want Jesus to judge me in a similar manner.

I’m hoping for justice, period. I mean for both Martin and Zimmerman, whatever it may be.

If Zimmerman WAS acting in self defense then he should not be villianized.

That number 2 is a great suggestion. It’s ridiculous to go chasing after trouble then cry about being attacked. Neither is in itself illegal, but making decisions for which risk to someone’s life is the forseeable result, should be.

You sure a right. For some to suggest that what transpired prior to all the publicity is justice, is clear indication that they have not a clue what justice means.

I have participated in this discussion before and your stance just does not make sense to me. We know what Zimmerman said, we don’t know what Martin heard and saw, we also don’t know if Zimmerman tried to apprehend him.

First punch or no, if you’re confronted at night by an armed man chasing after you - if you can see the gun, which we don’t know one way or the other - then you have every right under the law to defend yourself with as much force as you deem necessary.

For one thing, it makes you no better than someone who kills someone else.

How about saying I wish the two could have shaken hands and shared skittles?

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