Trayvon Martin: 'Shoot first' law under scrutiny

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Re: Trayvon Martin: ‘Shoot first’ law under scrutiny


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Originally Posted by catharina
Georgie was there.
He admits that he shot an unarmed child whom he had deemed “suspicious.”

Now you don’t believe George? Odd.

from johnnie: "Why not believe Zimmerman? We know more today based on eyewitness accounts then we did last week, and more will come out. Should all unarmed people never be shot in any case?

I see the word “child” is important for you to repeat. How does that help you? If a 15 year old was throwing you PERSONALLY to the ground and punching your face and people said, why did you hit him back so hard? he was only a child. I wonder what you would say?"

Glad you see my point.
He killed a child.
I’ve worked with CHILDREN for nearly fifty yrs.
It matters to me when a child is killed.
An unarmed, law-abiding child, viewed as “suspicious?”

Yeah. I hate it.

BTW, I would NEVER follow a child or an adult with a GUN.

And that is your prerogative. However, most drug crimes and breaking and entering are committed by “children” and as 6’3" athlete, it is hard to tell the difference between a 17 year old and a 24 year old.

Therefore you STEP DOWN and wait for law enforcement.
You do NOT follow anyone you deem suspicious on foot or horseback or in your SUV.

It’s almost fair to say that if
you’re packing a loaded gun,
It’s a bit likely that you’re looking for trouble.

Makes some sense for law enforcement.
They want to preserve the peace
and so, in some instances, they’re looking for trouble - to STOP it.

Right, and he stepped down after being instructed to and was assaulted on his way back to his truck by a 6’3" child football player.

I have a CCW permit and I carry every where I go. I go out of my way to avoid trouble because I know the legal hoopla I can get in because I am carrying a weapon. YOu don’t know anyone who owns a gun do you. Can I guess that you think gun owners are semi-psychotic cowboy wannabes who can wait to pull out the old smokewagon and get to work on the first person who looks at them funny?

Where is that timeline?
I understood he followed the boy in his SUV.
Then he abandoned his car for a better foot-pursuit.
What timeline says he called from the ground, not from his SVU?

The adult created this horror.
No doubt about it.
Neighborhood watch is to inform 911
and never never never pursue. Yet George pursued.

WHY? Big man or Big gun?

I am positive that George Zimmermann considered himself a modern day Wyatt Earp and was gonna rustle up this varmint and teach him what for.

I’ve known several people who own guns.
Were they looking for trouble?
Absolutely YES.

But the child who is punching you in the face question you didn’t answer. . It matters to me to when anyone is killed. I’ve worked in law enforcement for 17 years and can tell you a “child” can punch, bite, kick or kill you as easy as an adult.

Shoot first law??

There is no such law in Florida, and anyone who says otherwise is, at best, woefully ignorant.

We’d all be a lot better off if folks stopped hyperventilating.

Since you describe yourself as Catholic,
maybe you can refrain from “load of horse****” remarks on ’
this CATHOLIC site. Or maybe you can’t do that?

That is not news to me.
Yet you should KILL such a child?


Big GUN.

You may follow them for a period, then stop. It’s not advisable but it certainly has been credited with catching rapists, thieves and murderers. All done based on suspicious behavior I might add.

Well, then they are stupid.

Why I carry a concealed weapon. Because when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

I have a bad habit of calling a duck a duck. Its this whole Catholic adherence to the truth. I apologize if you find it offensive.

Have the details of what type of gun Mr. Zimmermann was carrying been made public?

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