Treacherous traitor Judas . .

I went to our Eastern Institution of the Eucharist liturgy tonight.

As every year, I had to smile as we sang,

Judas the traitor, being treacherous, treacherously betrayed . . .

gee, in the space of five words, we fit in a variation of “treacherous” four times . . .



LOL…that’s good!..I can never sing Amazing Grace since someone pointed out to me it can be sang to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island Theme song.


The “house of the rising sun” can be sung to it too…


There are many songs that fit that 8-6-8-6 pattern If you sing 2 verses of Amazing Grace it fits in America the Beautiful
When I was in college friends would subsitute “happy birhthda” for “Alleluia” (when it is repeated)

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Go to the 3:00 minute mark. It’s a tradition.
Not sure if it still continues today ( someone complained maybe )
I was shocked though, at how - we are not to be treacherous -
towards our parents ! Kinda cool.

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