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Is anyone here old enough to remember that Catholic Magazine that was published between 1946 & 1972?

In 1963 or 64 they ran a graphic story about a presidential election, set IIRC, in 1976. As the story developed we lived through the nomination, campaign and election without ever seeing the candidate. We were following the life of a family who supported and worked for him. In the last segment he won the election and in the very last panel we saw him for the first time: an African-American. It only took 45 years for the story to come true.

My husband was telling me about this just the other day. He said he was about 13 at the time and remembered following the comic. He’ll be delighted when I tell him someone else mentioned it!

He might be very interested in the following website:

You can read all the issues online for a number of years. I looked at '62-'63, which is the year I was in grade 4 and thought was the year of the “election story” but it must have been '63-'64 which would have been the year of the US election. Unfortunately, while those issues are listed, they aren’t readable online.

Have him check out this video

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