Treasury to announce that Hamilton will remain on the $10, Harriet Tubman to be on the $20


Treasury to announce that Hamilton will remain on the $10, Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill


um…why do they have to do this? I thought it was a joke.

Don’t get me wrong…I love the Moses of the Underground Railroad and her story of helping slaves escape to freedom, but is being done to be poltiically correct? Then why don’t they replace the $5 bill and put Martin Luther King on it?


Well, not everything politically correct is necessarily bad. There are definitely political motivations for the change. However, there doesn’t seem to me to be a particularly strong reason not to rotate out faces on currency every now and again.

It seems a lot less likely that they’d consider replacing Washington and Lincoln. I don’t see that happening. But I could see the same happening to Hamilton or Franklin down the line.


Harriet Tubman? People are going to look at the bill and say who is that?
The currency is now to be used for political education.


Pretty much all human history is political.


Is that a problem?


At least it wasn’t sour-faced Susan B. Anthony.

Oh, wait, she’s still on a coin.


Two thoughts:

  1. I can easily lose Jackson. He wasn’t exactly a sterling President (Trail of Tears, a temper that was close to Bruce Banner-level in its proportions, the fact that he sincerely regretted not shooting his vice president or hanging his Speaker of the House when he had the chance, etc.) and so replacing him is no skin off my back.

  2. Harriet Tubman I can definitely see as a worthy replacement. At any rate, she is head and shoulders above one of the other suggested candidates… Margaret Sanger. If it had been her, I’d never be able to use an ATM again because I’d have wanted to avoid $20s like the plague.


I think its a pretty non-controversial choice. Who can argue with Harriet Tubman’s worth?

In fact, I think the Neo-Nazi’s and KKK may have to forgo the use of the $20, hahah… let’s do a minority on each of the bills if it means making them go out of business!:smiley:


No kidding. Jackson was the only President to pay off the national debt - but he did it by closing the 2nd Bank of the United States (which is why it’s curious how he’s on our currency at all). It’s almost like he was put there because Wilson thought that the founder of the modern Dem party should be on our currency somewhere.

As for Harriet Tubman replacing him, I have no problems, either. She’s actually probably the least controversial of the possible replacements anyway.


Good point!

I would have to go into the bank to get smaller $ to avoid a $20 if it had been Sanger!


Only in America can you waste money to change money.


Harriet Tubman’s place in history by any measure is great and powerful and virtuous, and it’s right to honori the work she did to free us from slavery.

But it’s not enough.

Putting a black woman’s face on money is not going to help the almost half of real-life single black women who have zero or negative wealth. It will not slow down the school-to-prison pipeline that keeps so many of our children from truly knowing freedom.

Still, symbolic measures can be Okay. Our relationship with money will always be complex, conflicted and morally ambiguous—and maybe putting the face of the woman who freed us on the thing for which we were enslaved is the realest way to honor the American paradox.

But, at the end of the day, it’s much less important to put Harriet Tubman’s face on those bills than it is to put her great-great-great-grandchildren’s hands on more of those bills. The best tribute we can make to Harriet Tubman is if liberate her descendants from the real-life injustices we face today.


How much could most Americans tell you about Andrew Jackson, the current $20 bill incumbent? I think Harriet Tubman will be equally well-known.


I remember that train wreck.

Back then when coffee machines still took quarters, people mistakenly put Susan B, Anthony dollar coins in. They didn’t get their coffee and lost a dollar.



When it comes to Harriet Tubman’s vision of America vs. the vision that Andrew Jackson had, Harriet’s vision is the one that prevails.
Andrew Jackson is no doubt a very influential figure who was critical in shaping America.
But he was not heroic. Harriet Tubman is much more representative of the views and values of the average America today than Andrew Jackson is.

It was therefore not only a politically correct choice to make, but a rationally correct choice to make as well.


Because Harriet is a twofer Black and a women


Not one currently minted, though I suppose they might still be in circulation (if you can call it that).



I’m glad that we’re replacing a villain with a hero.


Well, in 1814 he took a little trip…

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