Treatment of asylum seekers "shame on our country"


On a visit to the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, told BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme that the UK government’s treatment of asylum seekers was “a shame on our country”.


Why is the only solution for them to come here? Wouldn’t it be better if we gave the Church in their home countries the means to fix the problem at the source? People leaving for another country is only a temporary fix.


I cant help but worry about the social unrest issues. We have a housing shortage, many areas have a shortage of school places and many UK residents don’t want large immigrant communities moving in near them. This is especially true with people who don’t speak English or come from a culture that isn’t very compatible.

We should be as compassionate as we can but pretending these issues don’t exist is foolish.


The breakdown of the asylum system was a great 20th century tragedy.


The Holy Family sought asylum in Egypt. I’m glad the border authority didn’t take baby Jesus and put him in one of those cages while Mary and Joseph waited weeks in their cells for the immigration magistrate to hear their case.


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