Treatment of Catholics rejecting Humanae Vitae


I read in Today’s ‘CA Daily’ an article by Tom Nash concerning infalllibility and Humanae Vitae.
I am concerned.
Recently it has been reported that 91% of Irish Catholics reject Humanae Vitae and the remainder either do not have an opinion or reject it. These statistics may not be accurate, but it is clear that the majoriy of Irish Catholics do not agree with Humanae Vitae.
How should these Catholics consider their religious affiliation, and how should the Church consider and treat them? Can you be a Catholic and reject Church teaching?


Considering the abortion vote I’m not surprised.


Can you be a Catholic and reject Church teaching?

I think the biggest lesson of Humanae Vitae is that the answer is yes. Surveys show huge numbers of Catholics use contraceptives. I’d be interested in hearing from a priest whether anyone actually confesses it.

It seems to be discussed among average Catholics about as often as they discuss how many angels can dance on the head of a pin…And has about the same relevance to their lives.


Catholics, including many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, have been rejecting Humanae Vitae ever since the day it was released in 1968. The Canadian Bishops overwhelmingly rejected it in their infamous “Winnipeg Statement”, with only a handful of them voting against rejecting it.

I see and hear about Catholics from all over the world rejecting all kinds of Church teaching, not just Humanae Vitae. They love to just pick and choose what they “feel comfortable following”, in every single aspect of Catholic life. Whether it’s about the Mass, Doctrine, Dogma, prayer, statues, even about abortion and euthanasia, everything is up for grabs.

It’s nothing new, and it shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that’s paid any attention to what’s been going on in the Church for the past 50 years. The Faith has been slowly eroding away, to the point where it’s barely recognizable from what it was back then. I know, because I’ve seen it all. What’s worse is that many (probably even most) Catholics today are not being taught the faith, properly. I hate to say it, but even many Priests and Bishops have not been taught properly over the past 50 years. Mainly because they were also being taught by the same Bishops and Priests that first rejected Humanae Vitae when it was first released. That’s a huge part of the problem.

Priests and Bishops seem to be afraid to stand up in the pulpit and tell people the truth about sin or Hell. They talk more about ‘social justice’ issues than they ever talk about the Faith, or prayer, or spirituality, as if being a SJW is the only way to get into Heaven. God help us all.


Technically they are heretics if they deny these doctrines. (along with the proper knowledge.)


You’re claiming that 90%+ of American Catholics are heretics? Wow. Talk about a shrinking church.


You mean Irish Catholics. Heresy is a post-baptismal denial of doctrine and dogma if I got the definition right. It is sad that the Church is shrinking in that way.


Are they rejecting by not following the teaching by sinning or are they rejecting because they are denying the truth of the dogma by heresy either material or formal?

One is still a Catholic but fallen away if they sin but if one commits formal heresy one separates oneself from the Church


Irish Catholics may think the same way, but I was referring to American Catholics.

I don’t think it’s helpful to dismiss the vast majority of Catholics as heretics when no pope or bishop has done so. And at this point, I think it’s too late to try and change things. People that I know don’t see contraception as a moral issue. It’s a purely practical decision they make in conjunction with their doctors, not their priests.


In a way they are technically are. Just calling a duck a duck.


It should be with their priests, what a pity.


But it’s not up to lay people to decide that someone else is a duck. It’s above our pay grade.


Whether its material or formal is something that a layperson cannot decide, but a layperson is able to recognize a post-baptismal denial of Church doctrine (a.k.a. heresy), which in this case is about the morality of contraceptives.


We can’t decide individually whether someone is separates from the Church but we are required to preach the truth about these things including heresy and the evil of contraception.


Humans have been rebelling against God’s will since day one. Many Catholics have been evangelized by secular society instead of the faith. They believe in consensus opinion when it comes to moral issues. There is no respect for the Church’s teachings. But what the Church teaches is still true.


Reject it? I don’t think this generation even knows what it is and certainly not the rationale within it.


What aspect is being rejected


They were baptized. Technically, Catholic.

They left the Church either by being so ignorant (Irish blood speaking here), hardhearted or rebellious that they chose the world over their Lord. Or, they made the error of viewing the Church solely as an institution, rather than the mystical Body of Christ on earth. Not one good reason in there.

I’d rather emphasize my Scottish heritage, but they are almost as bad…

Let the Church deal with them as she wills.


I’m not saying that anyone that takes contraceptives is a heretic. That’s definitely not my job to decide. They may very well be, technically. But, if any Catholic makes the choice to engage in any sinful activity that the Church has clearly taught as being intrinsically evil, then they are setting themselves in full opposition and defiance of God. If they are unaware of the Church’s position, then their culpability may be reduced or even eliminated, but they still may be guilty of the sin, at least in some degree. The best thing would be to consult a truly holy and well formed Priest and discuss the situation with him in Confession. The fact remains that anyone who continues to engage in using contraceptives when they do know that it’s against Church teaching, will still remain in a serious state of mortal sin until they stop using them.

It is a very serious moral issue. But, it’s never too late to right any wrong. It might not be easy, but it needs to be done. The reason that contraceptives are incompatible with living a faithful Christian life, is because they violate the vows of marriage and chastity. They deny God and block His ability to give the gift of new life, through the natural way it should happen. This is the main purpose of any marriage. “Be fruitful and multiply.”

Contraceptives take the will of God out of the picture, completely. It’s an act of absolute defiance against God. Many contraceptives can also cause spontaneous abortions, which is another reason that ‘the pill’ and many other means of contraception are considered to be intrinsically evil. It’s a much more complicated issue than most people think it is.

That’s also the reason that marriage can only be between one man and one woman. Any other “union” that cannot produce children, naturally, is immoral by its very nature, because it goes against the natural law, as well as against the Law of God.


It is good to be concerned. Yet remember, Judas walked away from Jesus Christ in the flesh after having been His beloved friend and follower for three years.

Adam and Eve walked with God in the garden, and yet turned from Him as well.

Therefore (sadly) I don’t find it surprising that Catholics today turn away from Church teaching out of “convenience” or simply don’t bother to educate themselves on the beauty and brilliance of the teachings. Much prayer is needed certainly. God bless you.

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