Treatment of Koran translations

We know Muslims revere the Koran and don’t like it to be mistreated, they put it on high shelves, don’t carry it into places like bathrooms and all, but where do they stand about translations of Korans? I know they feel only the Koran in Arabic is the true Koran.

The Qur’an I have is parallel, an Arabic column and an English column. Since the Arabic is there, it would have to be treated the same as an ordinary Arabic Qur’an.

More interestingly, when I was studying Arabic in my previous life (i.e., before my retirement), my teachers were all Arab Baptists. Since I was a Baptist myself, I went to some of their services and conventions. At one convention I had put my Bible on the floor beneath my seat, and one of the old ladies there lit into me like I had flushed it down the toilet.


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