Treatments for Ovarian Cysts


We don’t have a pro-life OBGYN in our area. The only options given for treating recurring ovarian cysts has been the pill or surgery. Wondering if anyone can suggest an morally-acceptable alternative to combat the excruciating pain & preserve fertility. Also, any suggestions for locating a pro-life doctor other than the omsoul website? Thank you.


If you wish to maintain your fertility then please make sure you are not allowing your body to continually form cysts. Find the most qualified high risk OB/GYN in your area that deals with this issue on a daily basis. :slight_smile:


I just posted something about this. I also struggled with ovarian cysts (which pushed me into the hospital a few times because of the pain). I know you don’t want to go on hormones, but I can honestly say that they helped tremendously (with the recommendation of my doctor, along with approval from a priest). Otherwise, I’d research other methods for hormone-free treatment.


Hi I recently started a similar thread- I lost an ovary and fallopian tube at 21 to a cyst that twisted around to cut off circulation. I am not on the pill, despite numerous medical opinions to do so, and engaged and worried about NFP and my options.

Please let me know what you discover in your search! Its a terrible condition and I wish you the best!!


I don’t have any medical expertise (and the giving of medical advice here is not permitted), but please note that the Church does not oppose the acceptance of medical treatments necessary to deal with serious medical conditions, even if the treatment has the unfortunate side-effect of harming your fertility.

Of course, your desire to seek out a less-impactful (but effective) treatment is entirely proper. But if none is available, you are not morally constrained to avoid other treatments, in the circumstances I described.


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