Tree of knowledge of good and evil & law?


Please give your thoughts, but be gentle. The idea could easily be wrong. So I am asking it as a question.

I believe that Tree of Life is God’s love poured into our hearts.

I believe that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the written law.

When love, the Tree of Life, rules us, we are able to keep the law that is written.

When we elevate the written law above the law of love, then the law causes me to sin.


I don’t think this is very likely, because to the Jewish writers of the OT, The Law was God’s command for Israel, and represented his Love to them. By our understanding this is an incomplete picture of God’s Love, but to the Jews of the OT, the Law was God’s way of guiding them towards Him.


Trying to keep the written law above loving another made in the image of God causes sin.



It helps to understand the two trees when you include the command from God not to eat of the “fruit” of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I’ve read commentaries that explain that “eating of the fruit” means to take to oneself the authority to decide what is good and what is evil. This, of course, is something only God has the authority to designate.

This makes sense when you read that Satan’s temptation to Eve was that eating the fruit would make her “like God”. In a way Satan was accurate. By trying to decide for herself what was good or evil she was trying to act as if she were God.

The “fruit” of that action we all know – loss of sanctifying grace and salvation.

So that would also seem to indicate that the Tree of Life (and its fruit) is sanctifying grace.

Adam and Eve were meant to trust God. Instead they believed the devil. Damn!


I believe that this is a good analogy. I like it. :thumbsup:

Of course there likely are other analogies related to the two trees…but I don’t think that would necessarily make this one wrong.



I know that my idea is rather anachronistic.

But the law in Romans is seen as good.

But because we let sin control the use of the law, the law then becomes wicked.

The Tree of Life, Jesus Christ, enable us to fulfill the law, as many of the people that were perfect and righteous in the Holy Bible.

The Tree of Life enable us to surpass the Decalogue. We do not murder, but foster and develop life. We do not steal but give generously. We do so because His Word creates or works in us and does the good work through us. When He speaks, He creates or works and we are His new creation.


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