Tremendous blessing this morning

Before our first Saturday Mass we say the Rosary. The lady that usually leads wasn’t there so they asked me to lead. I told them if I lead I will say the special Rosary for Priests that I myself say. They said OK. Well we had a church with a group of people all saying the Rosary for Priests, Seminarians and all clergy. I asked Father if I could do this in Church on a regular basis and he said it would be fine. He was sitting in the Confessional and the door was open so he heard me read the little passages about the Mysteries. He was pleased. He mentioned it in his Mass prayers that he and all Priests need our prayers as well as the Bishop and the Pope. So blessed to have others say this Rosary with me.


Daily prayer for priests, seminarians, and religious has been a calling of mine since Lent 1980, so for some time I’ve felt a fellow-feeling with you, unbeknownst to you.
I’m glad you do what you do. May God continue to bless you.


That’s wonderful CJ! Thanks be to God :blush::pray:t2:


I think it is so important to include priest and all those in religious life in our prayers. What a wonderful blessing CajunJoy65

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