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SINCE the Second Vatican Council in 1962, the Roman Catholic church has striven to adapt to the modern world. But in the West—where many hoped a contemporary message would go down best—believers have left in droves. Sunday mass attendance in England and Wales has fallen by half from the 1.8m recorded in 1960; the average age of parishioners has risen from 37 in 1980 to 52 now. In America attendance has declined by over a third since 1960. Less than 5% of French Catholics attend regularly, and only 15% in Italy. Yet as the mainstream wanes, traditionalists wax.

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Nice article!

Thanks for posting it…

Reminds me of ‘New Coke’ back in, well…whenever that happened. They came out with real Coke again pretty quick. Thank goodness. I wish we had a TLM or a FSSP closer to my location…:frowning:

Oh no!

Now all the hipsters will leave my Latin Mass parish because everyone will have “heard of it.”


Doesn’t the New evangelization dictate we work on keeping people (even the hipsters you seem anxious to show the exit to) and not driving them away, or even caring if they leave?

Sure, but it will never hook them as the pope is always talking about it on international TV. We need to bring them the Evangelization You’ve Probably Never Heard Of ™.

The regular mass doesn’t have much an audience. If you want Liberation Theology rife with an emphasis on Social Justice and Political Activism, then you might as well swim the Thames and become an Episcopalian. Hey, you might as well become a Unitarian or Buddhist for that matter.

Traditional Catholism emphasis is more on reverent worship.

Thank you.

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