Trent Horn - Does it matter which Christian denomination you belong to?

Does it matter which denomination a Christian belongs to? Trent Horn makes the case for the Catholic Church to a Protestant caller on Catholic Answers Live.

This question is a slightly modified version of “All religions are the same” which is indifferentism.

It matters absolutely. Each denomination is ordered much different from the next. The Catholic church is ordered around St. Peter. This is what Lord Jesus Christ required. Other denominations schismatically ordered itself around something different, such as personal pride/glory and/or self-righteousness, thus becoming just a shadow of its former self.

It certainly makes a difference to me!! God Bless, Memaw

Well Jesus did not find a denomination He founded the Catholic Church. So for me it doesn’t matter what denomination one would be in as they all fall short of the fullness of Faith to be found in the Catholic Church.

would it really matter…given the ecumenical nature of V-2 …and we all worship one God mentality…alongwith all religions have something to offer…wouldn’t it be a matter of from which prespective one approaches the matter…certainly I believe that we have the fullness of the faith and I could never imagine being anything but Roman Catholic…

Of course it matters. That’s why I am Lutheran and not some other denomination.

ecumenism is not the same as indifference. God Bless, Memaw

So, I guess you seem to believe that Lutheranism, tracing itself back to a man (and heretic) named Martin Luther is correct? This is truly not so. The Catholic Church alone was founded by Our Lord Jesus.

May God bless you and lead to you to Catholicism! :slight_smile:

Indeed this is not so:

Lutherns view themselves as a valid continuation of the western church.

That said, Lutherans regect denominationalism and make a non-exclusive claim to be the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.


Looked at video, thanks. Interesting that the protestant caller to the radio show pointed out about our “one” faith as emphasizing and leading to be Christ like , and not necessarily “catholic” as in dogma, tradition. Tough to rebut though Trent tried. I do believe P’s stress a personal Christ who puts you in His body while Catholics stress participation their church putting you in relation with Christ.

The video ends up defending history/tradition as proper bible hermeneutics (and for being Catholic). That has it’s place but is secondary to other methods. Trent ends up saying what many reformers also said, “lets be like the first Christians”. What reformers did not say as Trent did , that any "organic’’ development can be defended because after all. it was within the “catholic church”. While having “development” within the church is proper, it is not fool proof and can be a bit bit circular.


PS Trent justifed CC because it is ''one" as opposed to P’s.To an outsider CC is just one of many and CC is not all universal anymore except to itself, as evidenced with the existence of Orthodox and P’s.

One can also be indifferent to the true universalism there is amongst born again, baptized, walking in grace Christians.


I beg to differ. There is a big difference say between a Roman pagan and say some believers being Christlike yet not part of the main group /apostles that the apostles complained about to Jesus. Bigger difference between a HIndu and a Christian than a Lutheran and Catholic. But agree the CC teaches the “church” per say is not “all of us put together” but can only be the Catholic Church, and “others” separated from her.

Either you can face the truth or dream on. Look where it’s leading??Why would you want to be a “valid continuation” ?? Why not come to the "REAL Church. The true ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC Catholic Church ?? God Bless, Memaw

Hi M

See , you are not universal (catholic) enough.


Universal in the Catholic sense doesn’t mean accepting everything and anything everyone “thinks.” It means the TRUTH, taught by Jesus Christ and trusted to HIS Church. Society and many denominations following society proves that more and more every day. God Bless, Memaw

Your response was to whether Lutheranism was an extension of CC, and you said no, like cutting them off. So I said you are not universal enough . You then say well, you have to draw line somewhere or else you have many, many denominations and they can not all be “universal”. Fair enough. Just that you would not admit the very first protestant church (lutheranism), when there was only one other thing to consider, unlike today.

It means the TRUTH, taught by Jesus Christ and trusted to HIS Church. Society and many denominations following society proves that more and more every day.

The flip is also true.The more Christians there are, even with more variations, not in complete union with Rome, the more maybe they are extensions of Catholicism, and Jesus has trusted to place truth in them.


Actually Benhur, to say that the Lutherans were the first “protestant” church is not totally acurate. While Luther was one the forefront of the reformation, there were already others at work . Luther, and Lutheranism benefited from many governments of the day establishing Lutheranism as the new state religion. Along with the establishment of the Church of England, these two became the primary protestant bastions , but others such as Zwinglii, Calvin , et al were searching scriptures and drawing closer to the actual biblical faith.
Luther was very instrumental, but he was not alone. I feel that the increasing access to scripture was critical to the development of breakaway churches. Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide and access to the Scriptures empowered people to learn the truth.
As to the OP, yes it does matter in as much as one must use biblical discernment to determine if the church you are attending holds to the fullness of the Gospel and the teachings from the epistles. Now before my Catholic bretheren jump on that last sentence, i said the fullness of the Bible, not the fullness of everything created and added by man on top of the Bible.

I genuinely appreciate a devotion to the Scriptures :thumbsup:

I know Catholic’s who have no devotion to searching the Scriptures. It is evident in their faith! They do not understand, let alone assent, to much of the Teachings of the Church.

I also know Protestants who have a devotion to the Scriptures. It is a result of their faith. I also see them struggle to understand the prophesy of Scripture!

I don’t believe the Catholic Church to be a denomination. As a Catholic, i have accessible to the fullness of the Apostolic ministry! It is still an incredible challenge to receive His Eucharist in good conscience!

If i am in good conscience, i am treating all people with respect and especially my non-Catholic brothers and sisters.

Yes, it matters as individuals, if we are in a communion which is at odd with the Catholic Church. It means more than some realize. But it doesn’t mean that all Catholic’s are doing God’s will in their lives!

2 wrongs don’t make a right or even 30,000 wrongs won’t. Jesus Christ established ONE, TRUE Church and HE prayed we would all be one in Him. While many denominations have kept “some” truths, they have lost the very MOST important ones. Many of the Sacraments. The TRUE Holy Eucharist, (not just a symbol), being the most important. Confession next. And many denominations are drifting farther and farther away from the TRUTH and becoming very secularized. We need to get back to the true meaning of Universal, (Catholic), and the True Church that Jesus Christ founded over 2,000 years ago. The one that still holds all the TRUTHS Jesus Christ gave us. That would be the right thing to do. So many protestant ministers, as well as many others, are learning that and coming home to the Catholic Church. God Bless, Memaw

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