Trent Horn - Why won't Jehovah's Witnesses pray with Catholics?

Since the first Trent Horn thread took off.
Why not another one?

Not sure how universal this belief is. I have had JWs over before to discuss religion and I did begin in prayer. I can’t say I heard an “amen” from them or if they were actually “in prayer” with me but i did pray, presumably with them, without descension.


One is Christian and one is another religion .

I tend to agree. But then, many people (on the 'net anyhow, if not IRL) don’t see “Christian” as one religion but rather as an umbrella term for many religions. Thus, for example, many Catholics will refer to EOs and Protestants as “Non-Catholic Religions”.

That is tru unfortunately when one labels one self as Baptist ,Methodist,church of Christ,or any other denominational titles they are still Christian if baptized in the Trinitarian formula.What a lot of people don’t realize groups such as the Jehovah’s Witness makes them different religion is the theology and type of baptism . For instance "oneness ". or Jesus only " pentacostals would be considered a different religion due to the non vailid form of baptism and tend to teach unorthodox doctrines that differs from historical Christianity . It’s like a Muslim praying before a tabernacle in a Christian church and visa versa.

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