"Trial against Cardinal George Pell on Historical Child Sexual Offenses Begins." Will Occur Behind Closed Doors

see http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=2463042&CategoryId=12395

Trial of Cardinal Pell began Wednesday, August 15, in Melbourne, Australia. He is facing two trials, with two separate juries, over the same matters–this is the first trial to begin.
The trial is being held behind closed doors, with Australian media not being allowed to report on it at all.
He is being charged with historic sex abuse offenses, meaning that they supposedly happened decades ago.
Most of the charges against him have already been dropped.

Why behind closed doors? Why the secrecy? Trials should be public.


Something to do with kangaroos maybe… :stuck_out_tongue:

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To avoid the media scrum. And to give respect and dignity to the alleged survivors , who may not want details plastered all over the media.

They allegedly happened in the late 20th Century. Not that long ago.

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I believe that the “closed door” decision was made by the courts to protect the victims. Cardinal Pell’s sentencing will be public.

All is quiet on the western front. I am thinking the trial has not begun yet

Well he has to be found guilty before any sentence . Settle down!


Exactly. He won’t be found guilty is my guess.

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I want him so much to be innocent. Let justice be done.

no trial being reported as started yet…tic to

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