Trial by Jury and Catholic Church


What are contributions Catholic church made to the development of trial by jury. In other words how did the Catholic Church contribute to this?

Any sources thanks

I imagine trial by jury is ancient–predates the Catholic Church.

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There are ancient republics, ancient monarchies, all could have had trial by jury. But, we would need to know your exact definition of “trial by jury”.

You might this interesting, from the British Library website

Magna Carta and jury trial

Geoffrey Robertson QC charts the history of jury trials and their relationship to Magna Carta. From medieval justice to the trial of Charles I, and the trials of John Lilburne to the Human Rights Act, discover the evolution of one of the most venerated features of Anglo-American law.

Trial by jury is the most venerated and venerable institution of Anglo-American law. Although it dates from 1215, it did not come about as a result of Magna Carta, but rather as the consequence of an order by Pope Innocent III (1161–1216). However, Magna Carta’s iconic reference to ‘the lawful judgment of his peers’ as a precondition for loss of liberty has helped in later centuries to entrench the right to jury trial in our pantheon of liberties.

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