Tribe Emerges From Brazilian Jungle Possibly for First Time (video)


A remarkable video shows a group of indigenous people seen for the first time by the outside world as they emerged from a Brazilian jungle while fleeing illegal loggers and drug traffickers, according a Brazilian group that tracks such jungle tribes.

The group of men are believed to be natives of Peru but they were filmed in northern Brazil on the banks of the Envira River which runs near the Peruvian border. The encounter took place within the last two weeks, but the video was released today by the Brazilian indigenous authority FUNAI.


Wait to see how this turns out. This isn’t the first time an “unknown” tribe has been filmed and it turned out to be a hoax.


I hear they came out to find out if that story that Brazil lost to Germany in the World Cup by 7-1 at home was really true.


Check out the “Tasaday tribe” of the Philippines for the similar 1971 hoax.


It may be a hoax, I note that they are wearing some cloth it seems. Indigenous people ordinarily would not have cloth. On the other hand, if it is true, it’s sad if they are being forced out of their habitat by criminals. Then, it could be a stunt to try to get the law in there.


2nd group of Amazonian Indians emerge, apparently imperiled by the smugglers along the Brazilian/Peruvian border.

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