"Tridentine" a misnomer?!

Our diocescan newspaper published several excellent articles about the MP.

I thought the following paragraph was interesting:

The term “Tridentine Mass,” although frequently used, is a misnomer. “Tridentine” refers to the Council of Trent ( 1545-63), but no Mass was adopted at the council. The form of the Mass referenced by this term was actually promulgated in a missal published seven years later, in 1570, by Pope St. Pius V (although the Canon, or central part, dates back to St. Gregory the Great in the 6th century). Also informally referred to as the “old Roman rite,” over the centuries it was revised slightly by several popes. The first revision was made 34 years later by Pope Clement VII. Pope Urban VIII followed with another 30 years later. Subsequent popes added new feasts or made other minor adjustments. In response to a decree of the First Vatican Council (1870), Pope Pius X made changes in the Psalter for the Breviary, calling this a “first step towards a correction of the Roman Breviary and Missal.” In 1955, Pope Pius XII made substantial changes to the liturgies for Palm Sunday, the Easter Triduum and the Vigil of Pentecost. In 1962 Pope John XXIII added new feasts, made other changes to the liturgical calendar, and amended some rubrics. He also added the name of St. Joseph to the Canon of the Mass and removed the word (“faithless” as applied to Jews) from the Good Friday prayer for them.

Any comments? It seems to me to be a correct thing to stop using the term “Tridentine Mass” when I really mean “the traditional Roman rite.”

I dont know what diocese you are in, but it seems that they have it right. I dont know what you would call the TLM…I actually love the name “Tridentine” to me it sounds mysterious, forceful, even esoteric. like when me and my friends are discussing religion, I say “Oh you attend the House of praise and Worship Sanctified” I myself, assist at the TRIDENTINE MASS. It gets em everytime…lol

Whatever you call this Holy Sacrifice…It converted me.
God Bless

Your diocesean paper has it correct Cat. The Traditional Latin Mass isn’t really the Tridentine Mass as the missal has had several revisions. The last one was done by Bl. John XXIII in 1962.

The organic development of the Mass throughout the years would preclude it from being called the Tridentine Mass, as if the Mass is stuck in time.

Pope Benedict XVI says in his book The Spirit of the Liturgy that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is both temporal and eternal. It’s temporal in the sense that Christ died on the cross at a specific moment in time. It is eternal because Christ, as God, is eternal, and His sacrifice is for all eternity. Those born before His death on the cross and those born afterwards all share in His redemptive sacrifice.

I think the reason it is called the Tridentine Mass is because it was codified by St. Pius V in 1570. I don’t know if people will stop calling it the Tridentine Mass, since most people are used to that name.

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