Tridentine and N.O. Feast Days

I usually go to the usual, N.O. mass in English, but have been to one Tridentine Mass and would like to attend again. I’d like to go again this year on the feast of Christ the King. Do they follow the same schedule of feast days as the N.O. mass? This is a special feast day to me, and I’d hate to miss it’s celebration. Also, are their readings the same or different throughout the year or is their calendar different in some ways? Thanks,

The calendar is drastically different. The feast of Christ the King is even celebrated on two different Sundays. You really gotta get two Missals and compare them to see the differences. For one thing, the Tridentine lectionary goes on a one-year cycle, the new one on a three-year cycle.

The Feast of Christ the King was last Sunday.

is there anywhere online that lists the feasts for this year in the Tridentine churches?

[quote=JRJ26]is there anywhere online that lists the feasts for this year in the Tridentine churches?

The 2005 calendars should be coming out soon.
you can follow the traditional calendar by ordering one from the FSSP or The Institute of Christ The King

TAN Books and Angelus Press have a traditional calendar as well

I show in my favorites

will give you the TLM Calendar for Sundays

I have not checked this link recently so hope it still works.

why the difference in the calendars? what was the reasoning for changing the feast days, and in some cases, removing them… ex (feast of Christ’s circumcision)???

I just searched the web for some online info and found this: It is titled the Tridentine Latin Rite Missal Project and has a Liturgical Calendar etc. Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll have to find another time to go so I don’t miss the feast.

When you attend both Masses, it can be confusing. Try celebrating them both in the same parish as I do! Sheesh!!!

– Fr. L.

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