Tridentine Dress

What is the correct dress for men? :slight_smile:

Shirt, Tie and Jacket really. The same as it should be for any Sunday Mass one goes to.

It depends where you go. Modesty is certainly a must but it a tie isn’t exactly a requirement. Mind you I will wear a suit at Christmas Mass and Easter regardless of where I am.

While jackets are highly more prevalent at the TLM in my parish than the other Masses, there are still some men who will go without, or perhaps substitute a sweater. Some also won’t wear a tie. But those are the exceptions to the rule.

could the suit coat be considered for modesty as opposed to just “dressing up”? just as i consider a nice baggy dress better for the ladies than, well you get the idea…

and who says novus ordo folks shouldn’t dress appropriately too?:thumbsup:

I should think clean, neat, and modest regardless of what garments are worn to any Mass. I am afraid the days when everyone owned a suit and tie are over.

Yeah that’s true. I was looking at old pictures of baseball stadiums and everybody at the game had on suits/ coats and ties and hats. Now people are wearing the exact opposite of that.

Same as it should be for any Mass, regardless of liturgical rite.

Suit and tie, neat and clean, yet modest (ie. a pink tux isnt the best choice of dress ;)).

Most Masses today (and sadly I have even seen this at the Tridentine Mass I attend) have the congregations wearing, literally, “whatever”. But this isnt just at Mass- there is little or no thought given to proper dress (or manners) in our society unless it is absolutely required.

If someone was to meet a president or prime minister, or even a local dignitary, they would probably try to look half-decent. At Mass we are coming into the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, our Redeemer in the Flesh- the least we can do is clean ourselves up and try to look halfway presentable.

I wear dress pants (sometimes kahkis) and oxford or otherwise button shirt. Sometimes I wear a tie - sometimes not. I don’t own a jacket.


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