Tridentine/Extraordinary Form supremacy


Where I live none of this is even remotely an issue. And I know of literally nowhere else I’ve visited in the US where this is remotely an issue.
The only place I ever see this talked about is here at CAF.


Without getting into the issue of “merit,” the Council of Trent gives the criteria the Church should use when making changes to sacramental rites. It may be done “for the profit of those who receive, or for the veneration of the said sacraments, according to the difference of circumstances, times, and places.”

I’m sure these were the intentions behind the reform, but have the results been an increase in veneration of the Eucharist? Honestly, I don’t think it has–it seems the Eucharist is treated pretty casually these days overall. Has the Church born more fruit since then? All the usual indicators seem to say no (empty pews, closing churches, few priests, few consecrated religious, Catholics as a whole being practically indistinguishable from everyone else in their various beliefs…). Compare to the stats in the first half of the century when everything was on the upswing big time.

Obviously there are other factors at play as well, but that’s the point–changes are to be made to meet the needs of time, place and circumstances. Sadly, it doesn’t look like those needs were met, despite the best of intentions.


The answer is: unfaithful priests.

Before Vatican II, you had unfaithful priests celebrating in latin, doing the bare minimum, flying though the mass, making unauthorized changes etc.

After Vatican II, you have unfaithful priests using the vernacular, doing the bare minimum, flying though the mass, making unauthorized changes, etc.

God bless


I’m sure there are a few, just as there are a few traditionalists who would like to see the OF go away completely. But “many?” No. It’s not even a subject of discussion for most, unlike what we see here at CAF.


That could be, sometimes I stick the word “many” in my sentences out of habit, when I shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll edit my post.



I think there is actually a very valid reason why you have not come across many OF supremacists… you are not asking for the EF in your parish.

Now, I sometimes attend the EF mass, but I usually attend the OF. I personally prefer a good OF with some Latin, Chant, sung antiphons, incense, etc over a High Mass in the EF. And I don’t like the low mass in the EF.

However, I do prefer the High Mass EF over the OF with 1970s and late 20th & 21st century music and EMHC who jab the top of my mouth with the Host when I receive communion on the tongue.

I would suggest an experient for you. Pretend you want a ONE time special mass in the Extraordinary Form at your parish. Talk to your priests, parish staff, deacons, and fellow lay people and take note regarding how they respond. Perhaps your parish would be fine with it. However, maybe you will see the anti-tradition attitude that some people who love the Latin Mass encounter.

Now, there are people who are totally supremacists. I’ve met a few at EF masses, however, they are usually uneducated in theology, but their biggest issue is that they simply want priests who are faithful to the liturgy and the Gospel.

And there are others who are 100% anti-Latin and see using Latin as a major step backwards towards a backward time. But these people usually only complain to the pastor whenever he tries something traditional. They typically don’t need to say anything publicly because they are typically receiving the type of liturgy they prefer.

God Bless.


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